Former Police Officer, Thomas Mendiola stands trial for felony weapons charge Photo Source: Review Journal 


Former Las Vegas police officer, Thomas Roscoe Mendiola has taken a break from his hometown of Las Vegas and has been seen frequenting the Hampton Roads bars and clubs looking for “love.”

He has been residing in various hotel suites across the region for more than a year. Apparently, his life in Las Vegas became challenging after being involved in two high-profile cases.

Now, he is being accused of preying on Virginia’s single ladies without any intentions of commitment.

               Erik Scott; Photo By: Review Journal

Mendiola Police Background

On July 10, 2010, three officers, William Mosher, Joshua Stark and Thomas Mendiola gunned down West Point graduate and Army veteran, Erik Scott at the Summerlin Costco at 801 South Pavillion.

According to Las Vegas police, officers were sent out to the Costco after an employee called because Scott had a firearm and was destroying merchandise. When the officers arrived, they claimed Scott was already outside and they identified themselves to him, but Scott reached for his gun.

The officers shot Scott seven times, four of those bullets came from Mendiola’s weapon. An autopsy was taken of Scott that revealed high levels of prescription drugs in his system. During the coroner’s inquest, Stark and Mendiola testified that Scott made a “threatening motion” for his gun to shoot their fellow officer Mosher.

However, several witnesses there at the time of the shooting said that Scott’s gun never left its waistband. Scott’s blackberry was found near his body, but no gun.

The officers were acquitted, Mosher and Stark were later honored. Scott’s family filed a wrongful death suit against Costco, Metro and Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie. Later, they dropped the lawsuit.

Scott’s family have created a memorial blog detailing the shooting death of Erik and police corruption in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD).

Mendiola joined the force in 2009, but kept managing to stay in trouble. In 2011, the LVMPD suspended Mendiola without pay for giving a convicted felon a firearm as a gift for fixing his car in August 2010. The criminal complaint stated that Mendiola gave 45-year-old Robert Justice a .22 caliber Ruger handgun, ammunition and a magazine to say thanks.

However, Justice had two felony offenses that prohibited him from possessing any firearms. On September 14, 2011, Justice sells the handgun and a .357 caliber revolver to an undercover detective for $500. Neither firearm was registered.

When Justice was arrested, he told police that Mendiola gave him the handgun. Mendiola admitted that he gave Justice the handgun and that he knew he was a convicted felon. He told police that the handgun was in poor condition and not usable.  

Mendiola pled guilty to a “gross misdemeanor charge of conspiring to dispose of a firearm to a prohibited person.” The judge accepted the plea and fined Mendiola $2,000. According to Mendiola’s lawyer, the plea that he entered allowed Mendiola to leave Las Vegas, which led him to Virginia.

This idiot threw away his entire law enforcement career because he was too cheap to pay the man with cash for fixing his car.

Mendiola’s Dating Background

Thomas Mendiola is currently traveling from Virginia to Las Vegas because of his idiocy and misconduct. He could possibly have been going to Las Vegas before he was supposed to. One article claims that he and his family were moving from Las Vegas.

One thing is certain, Mendiola is very much involved in Virginia’s dating scene. It is a possibility that he is married. He uses aliases, such as “Tommy Salas Gamboa” or just “Tommy.” He rents different vehicles, mostly trucks and he frequently switches from hotel to hotel.

Earlier this year, he created a dating profile on the popular dating site Plenty of Fish (POF). His first username was “HawaiianTommy” before deleting it.  In fact, the answers to different questions on his POF profile changed, including height, age, profession and how long was his longest relationship.

Currently, he is still a part of the POF community under the username “islander100.”  He has hidden his picture, but the profile is still there. Whether he continues to participate on the POF dating site is unknown.

According to withheld sources, Mendiola says he is with the U.S. Navy as a project manager who handles big money accounts. Additionally, he claims to help build and repair ships for the Navy and that the job was given to him after his superior officer resigned.

Some women have reported Mendiola telling them that he broke up with his ex-fiancee, an executive assistant because she cheated on him with multiple men, while he was out of town. Whether this story is true or not, cannot be determined based on his word alone, especially considering his previous history.

Mendiola is not interested in any serious commitment with any ladies in Virginia because he may already be married or in a relationship and who knows how long his plea deal requires him to stay. According to several women, he is only seeking momentary comforts while he is in town. 

Trouble seems to follow Thomas Mendiola wherever he goes. If he didn’t start trouble here in Virginia’s dating scene, he would have started it somewhere else.

In the news, Mendiola does not seem to have any remorse about the controversial shooting of Erik Scott or putting a firearm in the hands of a convicted felon. So Ladies, do not expect him to have any remorse toward something as simple as dating matters. Additionally, he had no respect for the law he swore to uphold, he will definitely not have any respect for you.

Latest Update:

Thomas Mendiola, the former Las Vegas police officer has discovered the article above and was not happy. On September 13, 2014, Mendiola responded to the article via a private email to me.

In the email, Mendiola expressed his dislike for the article. He attached two explicit photos of faceless African-American females and threatened to tell everyone that the photos were pictures of me. Whether or not Mendiola is still in town is unknown. He has deleted his dating profile from POF. 

Hopefully, Mendiola has moved far away from Virginia. 


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Indicted, Vegas Ex-Cop Thomas Mendiola Escapes To Virginia Causing Trouble in the Dating Scene

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28 thoughts on “Indicted, Vegas Ex-Cop Thomas Mendiola Escapes To Virginia Causing Trouble in the Dating Scene

  1. The paternity results are in…

    On July 27, 2018, Sarah received the paternity results after a four-year long paternity battle with Mendiola. The paternity test proved that Thomas R. Mendiola is the father of Noah.

    I’m finally glad it’s over because I was sick of the entire selfish family. They were the uncensored version of the Addams family based on my encounters with them and hearing how they treated others.

    They (Thomas, Melissa and “C”allie) came to my blog lied, insulted me, cussed me out and threatened me for years.

    In June, Melissa came on my website looking for any opportunity she could to paint her and her daughter as victims, even though they were the ones that posted comments on my blog. Seriously? Her daughter comes to my blog lie about who she is, get exposed anyway and then play the victim. And for what? She made some good points in her comments.

    The guy asked her one simple question “Are you Tom’s daughter?” I said yes. She freaked out like a terrorist getting questioned by the FBI. Next thing I know here comes Melissa from the sidelines waiting to throw her and her family into the victim role. You would’ve thought the guy threatened her or something. He gave her some sage advice. Besides, I don’t even allow threats on my blog anyway, regardless of how much I dislike you.

    Sorry to disappoint you Mendiolas, but the victim in this situation was Noah. Thomas may have gotten away with murder and giving a gun to a felon, but he didn’t get away with this.

    I’m not a psychiatrist, but Thomas is showing signs of a sociopath.

  2. After almost four long years, I am pleased to report that Thomas Mendiola has stepped up to the plate and is finally going to take a paternity test, which proves to be a huge step in the right direction.

    Moreover, Mendiola has reached out to Sarah and Baby Noah. He and Noah have spoken on the phone recently.

  3. Yes he works at austal in Alabama For now. I am military in Pensacola. this guy screwed my sister over and is a corrupt very dangerous individual. He doesn’t qualify for a secret clearance and he is working on sensitive navy ship building. Austal has a man that is a threat to national security and by the way-Now he is going to be sent to San Diego even though they know of his history. We need to raise awareness. Also he HAS LIED ABOUT HIS MILITARY MOS AND BACKGROUND AND HAS HIS EMPLOYERS FOOLED. FAKE HONOR. I will try my hardest to contact someone here in Alabama and warn the navy in San Diego.

    1. Please let me know if you got anything handled. I still have not gotten anything for my son as he sits pretty. I pray his lies catch up with him soon. My son deserves better. Tommy I know you see these posts be the man you should be and provide for your son. He deserves better from you.

  4. Whoever posted pof a new account for him linking him to this was brilliant. I owe you!!!! Soon he will get what’s coming to him

  5. Thanks everyone for your support on this. He is still running and I feel like I will never have justice for my son. The state of flordia closed the case so I have to start all over.

  6. I have dated him in 2012 back in rhode island told me he has 1 kid and has been divorced for so almost 10 years , we dated for about 3 months and for 3 months i have not met any of the people he talks about even his uncle that was supposedly helping him out to start over. i actually found out everything after i googled him.He’s an awful person. he doesn’t deserve to be with anyone.

  7. Wow. Just wow. What a real piece of trash this guy is. I can honestly say I am not surprised as he was always a “1 upper”, anything you have done, so has he…. Just bigger and better. I am amazed that they shot that kid dead as well. No justice in that, just crooked cops looking out for each other.

    MM2 Mendiola- you are a royal sh**bag, a horrible human being, and a poor excuse of a family man. go screw yourself you lying sack of sh**.

  8. It’s nice to know he is still playing games waiting on his paternity test to come back on his son. He will never change.

  9. Also, let me add that since they are both already parents wouldn’t you think Melissa would be a little more accepting to a child of his since she’s so in LOVE with her husband???? What of person would do this to a child? A mother of all things, regardless if it’s yours or NOT. She’s just as much to blame as him. To hide him from his own kid that’s rediculous!!! What loosers they both are!

    1. When Melissa contacted me after he was served papers she told me I should be ashamed of myself. I knew nothing about her. He told me he was divorced. It is what it is. He has a child he needs to step up. I don’t need him to be a dad I just need him to support his son and his family has the right to know my son is here

      1. WOW! That’s ridiculous. She should be ashamed of her husband. He’s made his bed now he needs to lay in it. I agree, you don’t need him around. It’ll only cause you heart ache. KARMA on him!!! How old is your son? Good luck in court. I’m sure it’ll all go in your favor. The best of luck to you. I’m sure his family has no idea what’s going on. You should tell them.

  10. Hello Sarah,

    I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been another victim of this piece of shit. The hell that your going through I’m sure is insane. I can only imagine. The saddest part is that this poor little baby did not choose this. Since Melissa is choosing to stay with her UNFAITHFUL PIECE OF SHIT husband. Thomas and Melissa need to accept this baby as a blessing and take responsibility. They already have 3 kids so what’s one more right? I’m sure Thomas’s family would love to hear the news about another joyful baby in their little family. Brother is Tony Mendiola, Sister is Tricia Mendiola, Mother is Tracy McBride Mendiola, Wife is Melissa Ann. All can be found on FaceBook.

  11. Love the fact that the truth about him is finally coming out. He has ruined so many people’s lives with his lies. I believed it all and now I have a child that he still isn’t helping with. Thanks so much for telling the truth about mendiola.

    1. Why not a court ordered DNA test and get back child support?? Or you can not find him? He is clearly someone you do not was t as a role model but financial support is needed of course!!

      1. Yes we are fighting for support. My son does not need him in his life but he needs to step up and be responsible

  12. I was in the Navy with this guy.he is a habitual liar as well as having a serious “hero” complex. Anything you can do, he has done and has done better. He claims he was a Navy SEAl as well as Explosive ordinance which was complete bull. The man is a mentally abusive monster towards his wife and children and basically took them on the run from all of her family in new england to move to Vegas. This guy is a complete piece of trash and I am not at all surprised he became a cop. A crooked cop that couldn’t wait to kill someone. Karma is a bitch MM2 Mendiola. You will get yours.

  13. His wife’s name is Melissa Mendiola and she lives in Pensacola FL. Tommy and his wife both work for Austal in Mobile. I’m sure both his wife and his employer would love to hear about his indiscretions, especially seeing as his time spent in VA and other states is done so on Company time and Company dime. What a loser.

    1. Tammy, unfortunately she knows of this child. She is helping him stay low so that he never will pay for a child that he made. The child is fine without him but he should still provide for him. Thanks for the info.

  14. Thomas Mendiola has also traveled and stayed in mobile al. He is married with three children. And another child from a “relationship” of a year that he met on pof. Watch out for him please. His wife deserves better.

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