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VEN is a family-friendly online entertainment guide, providing Virginia residents and tourists with current listings of Virginia events, places to visit, popular restaurants and nightlife. 


Eight years ago, VEN was created to make everyone feel welcomed in the Virginia entertainment scene. Virginia is a melting pot of diverse people from multicultural backgrounds. Let VEN help you find your fun. 

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Virginia Events

In Virginia, there’s plenty of things to do. VEN’s event section features listings of concerts, festivals, family fun events and winery events. Search for your own Virginia adventure.

Virginia Wineries

Virginia has at least 230 wineries that produce various wine blends. Virginia wineries offer elegant dinners, wine sampling, live music and more. Explore Virginia wine country!

Nightlife Guide

The Hampton Roads Nightlife scene is fun and energetic! See a comedy show, enjoy live music, try a free wine tasting, or dance the night away. VEN gives you an all access pass to nightlife in Hampton Roads.

Virginia Advertising

VEN offers affordable advertising options for Virginia business owners and event coordinators. Advertise your special event in one of our four event categories today. Click the button below for more info.

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