Hampton Roads Nightlife Guide

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Hampton Roads nightlife has entertainment for everyone. Click below to let the good times roll.


Hampton Roads Nightlife Guide


The Hampton Roads Nightlife Guide is a directory of events and night venues in the seven core cities of Hampton Roads, Virginia – Chesapeake, Hampton, New-port News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk and Virginia Beach. 


Nightlife in the seven cities can be energetic and exciting! VEN’s Hampton Roads Nightlife Guide is the ideal place to check out Virginia entertainment venues and events in or near your area for an enjoyable night out on the town.


Stroll through a directory of Virginia nightclubs, restaurants, bar and grills, pubs, lounges, or peruse through our Virginia nightlife events page.  Decide if you’re in the mood for an upscale fine dining experience, country western, dancing or a good laugh at a comedy club.


​With VEN’s Hampton Roads Nightlife Guide, you can plan the perfect date night, an adventurous night out with friends, or have some alone time. Get started below.

Chesapeake Nightlife & Entertainment Guide

  • Chesapeake Nightclubs
  • Chesapeake Lounges
  • Chesapeake Bars
  • Chesapeake Pubs
  • Chesapeake Sports Bars
  • Chesapeake Restaurants
  • Chesapeake Bar & Grills
  • Chesapeake Cafes
  • ​Chesapeake Bistros

Hampton Nightlife & Entertainment Guide

  • Hampton Nightclubs
  • Hampton Lounges
  • Hampton Bars
  • Hampton Pubs
  • Hampton Sports Bars
  • Hampton Restaurants
  • Hampton Bar & Grills
  • Hampton Cafes
  • ​Hampton Bistros

New-port News Nightlife & Entertainment Guide

  • New-port News Nightclubs
  • New-port News Lounges
  • New-port News Bars
  • New-port News Pubs
  • New-port News Sports Bars
  • New-port News Restaurants
  • New-port News Bar & Grills
  • New-port News Cafes
  • ​New-port News Bistros

Norfolk Nightlife & Entertainment Guide

  • Norfolk Nightclubs
  • Norfolk Lounges
  • Norfolk Bars
  • Norfolk Pubs
  • Norfolk Sports Bars
  • Norfolk Restaurants
  • Norfolk Bar & Grills
  • Norfolk Cafes
  • ​Norfolk Bistros

Portsmouth Nightlife & Entertainment Guide

  • Portsmouth Nightclubs
  • Portsmouth Lounges
  • Portsmouth Bars
  • Portsmouth Pubs
  • Portsmouth Sports Bars
  • Portsmouth Restaurants
  • Portsmouth Bar & Grills
  • Portsmouth Cafes
  • Portsmouth Bistros

Suffolk Nightlife & Entertainment Guide

  • Suffolk Nightclubs
  • Suffolk Lounges
  • Suffolk Bars
  • Suffolk Pubs
  • Suffolk Sports Bars
  • Suffolk Restaurants
  • Suffolk Bar & Grills
  • Suffolk Cafes
  • ​Suffolk Bistros

Virginia Beach Nightlife & Entertainment Guide

  • Virginia Beach Nightclubs
  • Virginia Beach Lounges
  • Virginia Beach Bars
  • Virginia Beach Pubs
  • Virginia Beach Sports Bars
  • Virginia Beach Restaurants
  • Virginia Beach Bar & Grills
  • Virginia Beach Cafes
  • Virginia Beach Bistros