Unfortunately, I know all too much about the hood. When I say hood, I’m not referring to an area with predominantly black people. To me, the hood is an area where criminal activity is normalized and accepted as a way of life.

The people who live there have adopted a mentality that believes that this is “just the way it is” and this is the way you should be to survive. It’s a place where you will find people of any race involved in criminal activities that eventually bring down property values.

Police presence in the hood is either heavy or non-existent. In cases of non-existent police presence, police officers are probably thinking, “If they don’t care, why should we?” Which is actually a good point. If no one is reporting drug paraphernalia in the streets, thefts and random gunshots, why should police do anything?

Eventually, police will attend a city council meeting where they will tell city council members that your neighborhood has gotten out of control and the city will seize the owner’s property, especially if you’re renting. This is what happened to Song S. Kim, the owner of Sunrise Apartments in Norfolk.

I escaped one hood ran by Gifford Management Group (GMG) and ended up in another when I arrived in West Munden in Chesapeake.

When you see an area with homes, you think, “this has got to be better than living in an apartment.” I was wrong. Even though my family has lived in this house for over forty years before most of these low lives showed up, it’s still the hood. I live near a couple of old men that have had several years to turn West Munden into the hood.

Here are 10 signs you’re living in the hood and may not know it.

1.  Funny Smells

Since, I’ve moved back here, all I’ve smelled is horrible odors coming from neighbor’s houses. I can’t even open a window without getting smacked in the face with a stench that’s not food.

When I first got here years ago, it was a burning smell every time the sun goes down. Then, I started to smell a sewage or rotten egg smell around 3am. Next, it was a chemical smell. All of these odors make you sick in some form. It gives you an upset stomach, coarse, dry throat, headaches, chest pains, nausea, vomiting, sneezing, nosebleeds, etc.

Watch out for these odors and contact Vice and Narcotics Division anonymously.

2.  Beware of Neighbors Strange Behaviors

A psychotic old man who found out that I had returned to the neighborhood took a special interest in me every time I came out to mow the lawn. 

Now, my sister was living in this house all along.  She even use to go to church with this weirdo and he stayed in his home and waited for her to pass –just as he did the other neighbors on this block — so he wouldn’t have to speak. However, when I came out in the lawn he felt it was necessary to try to make me speak to him. He literally came out of his house and kept walking back and forth in his driveway saying, “How you doing? How you doing?” as if it was one word. 

I switched up the time that I was coming outside to avoid this lunatic and he wouldn’t respect it. He was watching me out of a peep window he had made on his house. He made me so uncomfortable that I had to bring people outside with me to mow the lawn.

His behavior was erratic, he never seems to sleep, he’s extremely paranoid, psychotic, aggressive, hallucinates, controlling and obsessive.

3. Foot Traffic & Car Traffic

People are going to have visitors sometimes, but there’s a point when too much traffic indicates a problem. In West Munden, the 1600 block of Rhodes Street gets a considerable amount of traffic throughout the day and night. It’s being controlled by the psychotic old man that I refer to as the “Generic Godfather” and his friends at the pedophile’s house across the street. Yes, this house was a registered sex offender’s house until the man was finally arrested again for endangering a child.

It’s rare that the traffic passing is a random person just driving through. This is a side street, it’s not a main street. 

These two houses have traffic often. Sometimes, the same person visits several times in one day. Each person that visit these two houses have taken a personal interest in my family and I.

The Generic Godfather keeps is traffic parked at my house, while his driveway and the front of his house stays clear.

4. Peep Windows

If you have a neighbor that seems to know every time you step your foot outside, then chances are they have a peep window. All people involved in suspicious activities have a window similar to this so they can see when the police are coming or watch for anyone that may pose a threat. 

This window has a cutout hole in the lower right hand corner  to listen and spy on their neighbors.

Or, some people will have their curtain pulled back.

5. You’re Constantly Being Watched   

The hood has eyes everywhere. You’ll find out how much you’re being watched when you attend a civic league meeting, call the police when something’s wrong, or when you’re simply trying to take care of your property. 

All of these things that civilized people with class will do doesn’t fair well in the hood. This makes you a target. Hood folks won’t like you because you’re the one most likely to turn theses low-life so-and-sos into the police. 

Don’t buy into that whole thing where they tell you that suspicious traffic stays around for a short period of time. Some traffic will stay for a while because they’re inside the house waiting for you to get out of the way or trying to keep from leaving too soon to keep from raising suspicions.

I’m constantly being watched; my windows are being watched; my house is being circled on a daily basis. Many of these people are actually getting paid to stalk me. 

Eventually, they will start to use acts of intimidation against you like they did me. I woke up wo a lawn filled with trash.

6. Look For Drug Stains or Paraphernalia

While you’re sleeping at night, there’s someone awake in the hood, and chances are they’re not up baking cookies. I woke up to a patch of dead grass in my backyard that had seeped from under the fence of the Generic Godfather’s house late at night.

Some sort of substance that he and his friend was messing around with at night when they thought no one could see them had spilled into my backyard and killed my grass along the the branches was growing on my gate.

Another thing to look for is plastic bottles (like the ones in the video above) with holes burnt into them, empty fuel cans, razor blades, propane tanks, spoons, etc.

7.  Too Many Parties

There were three people who rented out a house in West Munden for seven years. It was a female her baby daddy and his brother, and they were selling drugs. They used to have these get-togethers or parties that they would make look like birthday parties for their kids. Or, they used to throw the just-because-it’s-Saturday parties.

People would come out of their houses stumbling, loud talking and loud laughing. Sometimes the people were attending could hardly park their cars because they appeared to be drunk or high before they even showed up.  

8. Random Gunshots

The hood just isn’t the hood unless some idiot fires off some gunshots. In some instances, these gunshots aren’t so random. Sometimes, they’re used to warn people that owe you money and intimidate people. On Sept. 29, 2018, the Generic Godfather fired two gunshots outside our windows and then invited his friends from the pedophile house to do the same an hour later. 

9. Neighbors Acting Like They Don’t See Anything

In the hood, the enemy is the one that “snitches” to police. Even though, there’s a bunch of crackheads that’ll do anything for a buck or a fix that’ll snitch on you to the hood kingpin for exercising your civic duty. How ironic. 

The “no snitching rule” is a stupid hood rule that does more harm than good. The hood is actually filled with snitches. For example, if someone is watching you for a wannabe godfather and informing him of your whereabouts and what your latest move is, that’s snitching.

However, snitching only becomes a problem in the hood when it endangers the freedom of the wannabe godfathers that’s pumping poisons into their own community. 

Don’t think for one second your neighbor doesn’t know what’s going on because they do. They’re just acting like they don’t know anything, but is probably snitches for the wannabe godfather, like the old guy that lives on the corner that’s always peeking out his door on the 1600 block of Rhodes Street.

10. Beware of The Big House

Let’s say you’ve experienced all nine of the signs above and now you realize you’re living in the hood. Now, you’re probably wondering who the big mamma jamma is that’s causing the problems. Take a closer look at the big house in the area or the house that seems to be able to afford “luxury” things. 

If you don’t see that house getting robbed or being watched, then the person that owns it is probably the problem.

One has to wonder why does someone own a luxury home and luxury vehicles in the hood. It just doesn’t add up. And their so-called occupation doesn’t match their assets. 

If you notice that their high-valued assets are going untouched, while your lesser valued house and vehicle are being watched and tampered with every time you turn your back, then that person in that extravagant home and those extravagant things are most likely the “Big Fish” as police would describe them.


10 Signs You’re Living In The Hood & May Not Know It

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