Michael Banks aka Kool Cash

” The music industry is a lot like the night sky; it’s full of stars. However, there’s always one star that shines above the rest.

The 24 year old, Portsmouth, Virginia native Michael Banks a.k.a. Kool Cash is a lyrical genius that is taking the music industry by storm. He’s redefining hip hop with a style all his own. Tons of fans, men and women, black and white flock to his MySpace page. Not only do they enjoy Kool Cash’s beats but, they also love his lyrics…” Read full interview at Entertainment Magazine Online.

Written By: Jenny McClease
Published By: Entertainment Magazine Online
Publish Date: 6/ 2010
Interview URL: http://emol.org/music/artists/koolcash/


An Afternoon with DiamondCrooxs’ Kool Cash

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