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CHESAPEAKE, Va. (VEN) —  Antonio Z. Spruill (48), a Chesapeake Police Officer, has been charged with domestic assault.

In a criminal complaint, Spruill’s fellow colleagues responded to a 911 call from Spruill’s girlfriend at their Old Greenbrier Road home. She told officers that she and Spruill got into an argument and he grabbed her by the neck and choked her.

Chesapeake City officials actually conducted a minor investigation–as if he had a stellar record –and found that her written statement corroborated the urgency of her 911 call.

Spruill was apprehended on March 27, 2019 the same day the incident took place. The media went to Spruill’s home and tried to speak with him, but there was no answer. Chesapeake police department handled the situation by suspending him rather than firing him. This is Spruill’s second suspension –that I know of– from the department, .

Spruill is a Senior Police Officer with the Second Precinct in Chesapeake. He has been a police officer for 11 years.

This isn’t the first time Officer Spruill has displayed aggressive behavior toward a woman. In 2017, Officer Spruill harassed and publicly humiliated me for reporting crime in the West Munden area.  He made matters worse in the community. 

When this all blows over, Spruill is going to return to the streets of Chesapeake armed and dangerous to wreak more havoc on the innocent.

If this is how a senior police officer acts in Chesapeake, I’m not surprised that West Munden streets is still dirty.

Chesapeake Police Officer Charged With Domestic Assault & Suspended — Again

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2 thoughts on “Chesapeake Police Officer Charged With Domestic Assault & Suspended — Again

  1. This pathetic example of the Chesapeake police force with a Napoleon complex is the same one who harassed me the night of my accident calling me late that night and when he did not get what he wanted decided to spew lies to the judge. Please take this threat off our streets so women in Chesapeake can feel safe again.

  2. Thank you so much for this information on Officer Spruill. He was an assistant coach of my nephews football team. I firmly believe he is no good based on the way he recruited my nephew (through his mother who has slept with most of the Indian River area). His whole demeanor is one of pompous arrogance. I sincerely hope and pray he is not allowed to ever be around the kids in the community. He is no good.

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