CHESAPEAKE, Va. (SOUTH NORFOLK) — On October 4, 2017, Chesapeake Police Department sent a rogue black officer named Officer “Spruill” to my house that harassed me after I filed a complaint against them with a website called, and I emailed Mayor Alan Krasnoff.

Typically, complaints filed against a police department at are delivered to a high-ranking police officer within the division, like a Sergeant, Lieutenant or Chief of Police. However, the task of confronting me seems to have been passed off to a tiny, black officer with a Napoleon complex. According to Wikipedia, “Napoleon complex is a theorized condition occurring in people of short stature. It is characterized by overly-aggressive or domineering social behavior, and carries the implication that such behavior is compensatory for the subject’s stature.”

On October 1, 2017, I filed a complaint because I felt like my community had been forgotten by Chesapeake Police Department. I did my civic duty of reporting drug activity in my area back in 2011, when I witnessed a drug transaction take place in front of my mailbox in broad daylight.

Traffic was so bad at this house, I couldn’t even get to my mailbox and neither could the mailman. After leaving the neighborhood and coming back, I noticed the same people were still living there and thriving in their illegal business.

Unfortunately, I discovered another house with a backyard full of items associated with drug activity. The owner — I’ll call him “Joe” — has been living in my neighborhood since the early 1980s and has been completely overlooked. He has awful smells, like boiled eggs and strong particles that tickle your throat coming from his house late at night.

Joe was always a pervert because he would try to peek in the windows of my house and he would also snoop around. But, I thought that was as far as it went until I opened a window too close to his house and the smells started seeping in.

I was infuriated to learn that not only is there one drug house but now there is two. I forced to have to move back here because of a similar situation in Norfolk. I wanted to know why were these people still living in my neighborhood.

Three days after I filed the complaint, Officer “Spruill” comes to my house at 7 AM, repeatedly ringing the doorbell trying to wake up my entire household. My mother is disabled and on oxygen, trying to sleep at this time in the morning.

I was sleeping because I was up until 3 AM trying to make a deadline on an article for one of my private clients. Bear in mind, I NEVER called for police to come to my house. No one did. By the time, my sister gets to the door, no one was there.

“Spruill” calls twice.

At 9:38 AM, I was putting on my clothes and heading out to mow the lawn when my cellphone rings. I look at it and I see a number 382-1514. I said to myself, ”I’ll call whomever it is back after I finish mowing the lawn.” Officer “Spruill” calls again at 9:39 AM, I assume to leave his voicemail message.

It was a little past 12:30 PM and I was almost finish mowing the back lawn. I went in for a drink of water and came back out. I noticed a police car number 1760 sitting a little ways behind a neighbor’s house. I thought the neighbor had called the police.

By the time I got back there to the backyard and pulled the lawnmower’s cord, Officer “Spruill” walked up in my backyard uninvited. He was a short, dark skin, black male with a bald head and a knot on the left side of his head. He gestured for me to turn off my mower.

He asked me if I was Jenny McClease. I said “yes.” Then, he identified himself. However, I misinterpreted his identification as an introduction. So I wiped my hand on my pants and extended my hand for him to shake.

His rude response was, “I’m not shaking none of your sweaty hand. I don’t want your sweat on me.” And, he looked me up and down like I was yesterday’s garbage. So, I dropped my hand by my side. Apparently, Officer “Spruill” was afraid of getting work ethic on his hand.

Officer “Spruill” asked me, “Did you call about some drug activity?”

I said, “Yes.”

I tried to explain what was going on but every time I tried to explain something. He said “that doesn’t mean it’s drug activity.”

Then, he started to sound like a jilted boyfriend. “How come you didn’t answer your door? I was banging at your door and ringing the bell.” That was only a half truth. He only rung my doorbell several times trying to disturb our household. He never knocked. No one in my house called the police. And, my rights as an American citizen is that I don’t have to open the door for police. However, I’m not like that at all because I have nothing to hide.

He claimed he knocked again, when I had the back and front door opened. Again, there was no knocking. If he tried to ring my doorbell, it only works if you push it down because it’s the original doorbell that was here when my great-grandparents were alive. However, Officer “Spruill” took it as an attempt to avoid him.

My mother, on other hand, says that she was in the dining room at the time and no one came to the door. So I’m more inclined to believe my mother instead of a cop with a thug complex. Besides, why would I avoid him? I’m not the criminal in the neighborhood.

I asked, “Was that you at the door 7 in the morning?”

“Yes,” he said. As if i had the problem.

“What you don’t answer your doors?” he asked.

By this time, I started to catch on that he was sent to my house to harass me. So I answered, “I guess I don’t.”

Then, he let out this arrogant, sarcastic chuckle. He asked me why I didn’t answer the phone. So, I explained that I wanted to cut my grass first while I had the time. That answer wasn’t good enough. Then, he wanted to know why didn’t I respond to the voicemail and answer the phone the second time he called.

My voicemail forwards to an online service called YouMail, meaning I don’t get voicemails directly or even know that I have a voicemail until I log into my account with YouMail. I hadn’t been online yet. I needed to mow my lawn and get it over with because I had more articles to complete for my client.

I didn’t get a chance to explain that because he kept interrupting me with his own assumptions. He was basically interrogating me for reporting a crime. There was nothing I could have said that he was willing to believe.

Officer “Spruill” asked me, “if I go to these people’s houses, what do you think they’ll tell me?”

I said, “I don’t think they’ll do too much talking to you?” Then, I made a mistake and told him about the snitch next door and the guy other side of me with the smells coming from his house.

My sister drove up into the driveway. I told him that she knows about the drug activity on this street. I told him that I knew about it because that’s how I ended here because at my apartment in Norfolk, there was drug activity and my mother who was staying with me got sick from inhaling it.

He said, “don’t interrupt him.” He left and started talking to my sister. I went back into the house before he start trying to pull a gun on me or something. When he finished talking to my sister, she informed me that he asked her if I had mental issues.

He rings my doorbell like a psycho at 7 AM, calls me one behind the other, and watches me from the down the street and acts as though I have mental issues? I think Chesapeake Police Department need to give him a psychiatric evaluation and a drug test.

Joe’s window – Notice the cutout opening in the lower right hand corner.

Officer “Spruill” went to Joe’s house. Joe is the same man that has hired another man — I’ll call him “Tom”– to watch us because the neighborhood snitch — I’ll call him “Mark” told him I was reporting the crime in the neighborhood at the civic league meeting.

He started talking to “Tom” because he was on the porch. I doubt if Officer “Spruill” knew that Joe — the house owner– was hiding inside the house, while his car was hid in his backyard. He was watching him through his lookout window.

Then, he went to “Mark’s” house and spoke with him. Finally, he left my neighborhood. I’m pretty sure as angry as “Spruill” was he probably told Mark and Tom more than he should have because he wanted to cause trouble for me.

Officer “Spruill” showed up on my great-grandparents soil with the sole intention of shaming me for reporting crimes that have been festering in this neighborhood due to a lack of police presence. I believe that a higher-ranking officer sent him to my door because complaints don’t go to a low-ranking officer like him.

He tried to discredit me, humiliate me, embarrass me and even went as far as to make it seem as though I had mental instabilities in my own backyard.

He is a naive, uninformed police officer that tried to play detective. He doesn’t have the training to determine whether criminal activity was going on or not. So, he should stick to traffic lights and leave the real crimes to trained, experienced professionals.

Officer “Spruill” could have jeopardized all the evidence and information I had collected and submitted it to the proper authorities. He actually had the audacity to ask about the photos I had. As if I would show it to someone like him. As pro-criminal as he was, he may have shared them with the suspects. He had already went to Joe’s house that has been harassing us and probably told him too much already.

He’s too stupid to be carrying a gun, a badge and have a terrorist mentality. Stupidity and power is a toxic cocktail. He completely abused his undeserved position.

He ambushed me and violated my rights as a citizen. I’m glad that no one in my house did go to the door at 7 AM because based on the level of aggression that he expressed throughout that day, he could have forced his way into my home and illegally searched it for only God knows what. Or, maybe even tried to plant something. He was too desperate to get into my house.

When I finally listened to his voicemail, Officer “Spruill” was polite and sounded like he had home training. I guess because he knows that his call was being recorded.

He was clever enough to conveniently leave out the fact that he came to my house at 7 AM, ringing a doorbell. He wanted to try to play the “her words against mine” game in case anything came out of it. However, he didn’t seem to know that my mother and my sister were here and that they heard him at the door.

Needless to say, this encounter shook me to the core. Officer “Spruill” was parked on my street watching me as if I was the criminal. Perhaps, if Chesapeake Police applied this kind of initiative toward the criminals on my block, they wouldn’t still be here for three decades. It’s not like these criminals on my block really set the bar for intelligence. They would’ve been pretty easy to catch.

On the same day, Joe had already contacted his lookouts to let them know I was outside mowing the grass. Within 10 minutes of mowing, Tom — who has been camped in front of my house nearly inches from my driveway with a bag of clothes in his car– was called to come up and watch me.

Then, the guy that Joe knew from the pedophile’s house across the street came out and was watching me too. It was so nerve-wrecking to know that an angry, cop was also watching me. All because I reported some crimes in my neighborhood.

Some officers of the second precinct are acting like the thought of crime in South Norfolk is so unbelievable. However, South Norfolk is already a high crime area. It has a crime rate that is 41% higher than the national average. Perhaps, Officer “Spruill” should have been taking his aggression out on that 41% instead of harassing innocent citizens.

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Chesapeake Police Officer Harasses Me For Reporting Crime

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9 thoughts on “Chesapeake Police Officer Harasses Me For Reporting Crime

  1. I am sorry that this officer insulted you, disrespected you and failed to take your reports of crime seriously.

    Don’t feel you are alone. Police officers commonly attack innocent persons.

    You are an excellent writer. Stay positive. I hope your intellect takes you to great places.

  2. To all the old, ignorant Negro people in my neighborhood that is causing me problems by stalking me, harassing me, trying to control me and stop the truth – Go to hell!

    To the worthless, old bastards who watch my every move morning, noon and night – Go to hell!

    To the lowdown, sneaky old Negroes who can manipulate the legal system to suit their own purposes – Go to hell!

    To the shriveled, old waste of life that spews a lie every time he opens his mouth – Go to hell!

    You all are nothing more than garbage that harasses and torment your own people.

  3. Unfortunately, my mailbox is in front of the people’s house that I caught one of them passing drugs in front of some years back. I went outside to check my mail today and I closed the flap on it. The flap makes a noise when it shuts, that they constantly listen for. They have a crack in their curtain so they can see what everyone’s doing or who’s coming up. By the time, I get midway in the street, they sent their kid outside with a dog to check to see what was going on, like I don’t have a right to check my own mailbox. It’s a good thing I did check it. One of their cars was parked inches from my mailbox. In situations like this, you never know when your mail can come up missing. They are too obsessed with my mailbox.

  4. Some of these police officers are just taking a passive approach to what’s going on in my neighborhood. These people on my street have been stalking me online. They snooped around and got my name probably from the neighborhood snitch and even found out about my website, Youtube channel and whatever else these savages could find. This was before I even wrote this article and made the video.

    Well, that’s what idle people with secrets and no lives do all day — stalk people online. It’s actually pathetic. I can’t even walk out the front door without these paranoid psychos spying on you.

  5. This cop was a total jerk! How come he’s not confronting the criminals on your street? I’m so glad you didn’t get hurt or worse.

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