Recently, I tried to do some interracial dating on OKCupid and it did not turn out so well. There will be no names mentioned because I am so embarrassed to have ever been in the presence of a first-rate prick like that. He definitely turned out to be someone you love to hate.

OKCupid is an online dating website that offers free and paid memberships. The website allows its members to answer questions and offers them dating matches of individuals who may suit their criteria.

The majority of the time, your matches never contacts you. At least that was the case for me. However, when one of my matches contacted me it was disastrous.

One of my dating matches was a 5’7, 31 year-old, Caucasian, with a heavy southern accent and has a big, black dog named Kingston. He was from Virginia Beach and worked as a kitchen manager at a Turkish restaurant on in Norfolk as a kitchen manager.

I had ignored him the first time he sent me a message, but I got lonely and desperate enough to respond to him the second time around. The conversation went well. For some reason, he gave me the wrong number which led me to text a military Sargent’s cell phone. I got grilled for that, but they were polite as military personnel could be after responding to someone with their private number. Why he didn’t know his own number is beyond me.

Reluctantly, I gave him another chance and texted his real phone number. Eventually, we met up and he took me out to a great Virginia Beach restaurant with good food where we discussed everything from childhood memories to everyday life. He was nice and I had really enjoyed the dinner and conversation. So we continued to talk and see each other. 

One day I noticed that he wasn’t volunteering his last name, even after he had learned mine from the articles that I write. So I asked him for it. The first thing he says is, “What are you doing? Looking me up on Facebook?” So I told him that I find men Facebook pages upsetting because they have so much stuff to hide on it. However, he sends me a friend request anyway and I waited until noon to even accept it because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

To make a long story short paradise turned into a nightmare. For some reason, he found it necessary to lie and say he deleted his OKCupid profile when he had only deactivated it, which I would have been okay with since he we had just met. However, his agenda was to keep me from logging in on OKCupid. So I did. Surprisingly enough, he stayed deactivated.

Things were going really well, so I wanted to make sure he was telling the truth. So I did some digging using his OKCupid username and found that he had several dating profiles. He was a member of POF, Meetme, and had personals on online classifieds too. That’s why it was so easy for him to deactivate his OKCupid account, because he was not missing any of the action.

On his Facebook page, he had a harem of his exes stacked up on the page. He was very angry that I found one in particular. After he had sent me a friend request, he basically stopped posting anything that I could see anyway. So I spent a weekend with him and made sure he had a home-cooked meal when he got off of work, cleaned up for him and walked his dog. Guess what? He never even said “thank you” and he didn’t wait even wait 24 hours after I left before he was on one of his dating profiles.

His dating style is nothing more than pure strategy and gameplay, but the strategy is not to win over a woman for a meaningful relationship. His strategy is to treat a woman good for three dates, so that he can try to have sex with her. All the while, he is checking his social networks and meeting people at work and at the store that he wants to replace you with.  I even found a woman’s glove on his sofa and he tried to pretend that it belonged to his mother. 

As a chef, he spoke so proudly of cooking, but never cooked for me at all. When he did cook for me one night, it was frozen foods with a strand of black hair on the side and a bottled sauce from Sam’s Club. I couldn’t figure out if the hair was from him or Kingston.

on OKCupid, He had photos of food he allegedly “cooked,” to lure women in, but it may have just been pictures he took of someone else’s plates. His kitchen cabinets did not have any spices or anything special about it. He had poor quality pots and pans. In fact, I had to walk to the store in order to get something decent to eat while I was there.

In his fridge, was hair which I believe was from his body. Absolutely disgusting! If I had not seen the food-stained chef coats thrown in the back of his car I would have never believed that he was a chef. People who are passionate about their culinary career would have been anxious to have new people try their style of cooking and he was not.

I even offered him an interview in the beginning because of the way he talked about food, and he didn’t want that either. As far as I’m concerned, if a chef only cooks when he is paid for it, he has no passion for his career. It is nothing more than a paycheck. Wherever he is now he can rest assured I will not promote him as a chef or any place he works for due to his lack of passion. 

He was rude, arrogant and ill-mannered. He was short-tempered, a habitual liar, cussed me out on my birthday and made several derogatory statements to me without so much as an apology. Things could have been worse, I could have actually had a relationship with the guy.

How To Investigate Your Online Date

Here are some dating tips to help others spot a liar who is only out for a good time:

1. Research the phone number.

I have met a few guys online that have lied about their last names. So I did some online research of their phone number. I used a website called I typed in his phone number and found out his last name long before I asked. It was the only thing he told the truth about.

2. Investigate the username.

If you have found someone on a dating site, do a background check on the username by typing it in google or another search engine and see what comes up. That is how I found out about all the Virginia Beach playboy chef ‘s dating profiles. Some of the dating profiles will reveal if they are still logging in or not.

3. Examine Facebook pages.

When you get accepted onto a Facebook page or even after finding out the person’s last name, stroll through as much of the page as possible to see what you can find. Check to see if the exes who posted things on the page are still friends with them.

Take a look to see if they have stopped posting since you have been on their friend’s list. There’s a good chance he may just be making his conversations invisible to you.

I ended up finding that he was still very much involved in his ex’s life. She was still clicking “like” on his posts well into 2014. Another ex was still calling him up on the phone talking about credit cards. Don’t feel bad about it becoming an investigator. Not all games are fun. This is your heart you’re trying to protect.

4. Have some family around.

This was never my intention, but one day he was dropping me off at the store and he ended up meeting my sister by accident. He was completely distraught, nervous and didn’t want it to happen. In a joking manner, he described it as a setup, but he had no choice but to let it happen. Puh-lease! His dog was better company than him, why would I want to set him up for a long-term situation?

I knew from there that he was not serious. He had no intention of staying around as long as he claimed he would, that’s why he didn’t want to meet a member of my family. Other guys that I have dated, never had this reaction before when encountering a member of my family.

5. No acknowledgement.

Notice how he or she acts on the phone when you are in the background. If he doesn’t even want to acknowledge that you are sitting in the room with you, then they are not serious about you. This is what the “chef” did to me. When someone called him, he said, “I’m not doing anything. I’m just home.”


Any man or woman who cannot take responsibility for hurting you, lying to you, cheating on you and deceiving you isn’t worth your time or tears. Time will heal all wounds and you will be better for it. Sometimes we ask why when things passes us by, but count it all joy because God’s best is yet to come. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Dating Tips: Five Ways To Investigate Your Online Date

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53 thoughts on “Dating Tips: Five Ways To Investigate Your Online Date

  1. Online dating is fun and exciting. If you want to try it too, you need to learn this important tips. Btw, great idea for sharing this!

  2. To all new comments. This experience was an example of online predators. As anyone can see Chef Jay is a jerk. His obnoxious behavior was not exaggerated by any means. There’s proof of his arrogance in this comment section. He said I didn’t have a job or any money, but his parents are still paying his car insurance because they know that he isn’t self-sufficient.

    One would think that with all of his health problems, he would try to be a better person before he leaves this earth. Instead, he is using women and cheating and lying to them. As far as my life is concerned, Chef Jay has served his purpose which wasn’t much of one. I got of couple of good dinners. Thank God for restaurants. He came to use me for whatever he could and he has done it to others as well. When I was around, I remember him telling me that one of his exes was calling him concerning some new charges on her credit card, while she was living in California.

    He is a habitual cheater, but when his ex-fiancee’ did it to him he was outraged. I remember seeing a white glove on his sofa when I came over and he tried to pretend that it belonged to his mom. Every girl knows another girl will leave behind something on purpose when she’s there.

    I only knew this loser for two miserable weeks and I have a year of bad things to say about him, so that tells you what type of person he is. He said he called the police on me because his OkCupid account was hacked and he blamed me for it.

    Even though he was talking to and seeing multiple women at the same time. He even lied and claimed that OKCupid gave him “my” ip address. Anyone with any common sense knows that a company would never risk their customers security by giving out an ip address without a court order. However, he wanted to keep me from ever contacting him again because he had a woman already moved into his apartment to help him pay his bills. And it probably was the one who left the glove behind. Who knows?

    I had absolutely no worries about the police anyway because I knew I was innocent. He would have never showed the police any of those text messages because it would have revealed him how he cussed me out on my birthday and other times as well.

    To end this on a good note, great things have been happening to me after this tragedy took place. I was contacted by a Los Angeles television producer about an article I wrote about a double homicide three years. I was invited to be an expert consultant on a true crime series, which will be my first television appearance as a freelance writer. This posts stays open for anyone who will need support.

  3. He wasn’t no real chef. He was just saying that to pick up women. First of all, if he had served me some food on a plate with hair or fur on it, I would have thrown that food at him. I would never have cooked for him at all. Then, he had a nerve to be seeing other women, leaving their gloves in the house and coming up here on your blog and being disrespectful. I have five brothers and I can guarantee you he would have never gotten away with that if it was me. Thanks for the description of him and his dog so I’ll know. Please girl you didn’t need a loser like that.

  4. He sounds like every jerk I have dated in the past year and a half. I hope my luck changes this year too.

    1. He is a jerk. A leopard can’t change its spot. Recently, I was on OKCupid and I kept getting these gross messages from all these fake profiles. Then, a so-called male model guy named “JasonBricks” comes and starts a conversation with me about how I should just used the dating site for meeting new people. It was nothing but him trying to offer me dating tips. I couldn’t believe it. I’m looking for something serious, he’s out lying to women just so he can get what he wants and he has the nerve to give me dating advice. Things will get better for you and me this year, Amber. Just stay positive. These jerks will pass us by.

      1. Lol, he is cute and tall, but not much to tell. At least he isn’t a discreet racist like chef757 appeared to be. So far, he has no problems with my natural hair like Rumpelstiltskin did and thinks I’m beautiful and sexy. Chef757 only managed to throw around decent compliments to his own race of women. It’s still too soon to tell, but at least he didn’t say his hair is better than mine and that my hair was kinky like you know who.

        1. Just when you think the chef couldn’t get any worse. I am happy to hear about a new prospect though. You deserve it. Best of luck.

  5. It’s never fair this time of year when the jerk always end up not being alone and the faithful, loyal one ends up alone. Next year, I will make sure I do all my dating before any holidays so this disappointed feeling won’t ever happen again. Next year, I will be the heartbreaker.

    1. Not all of us are losers and cheats like “chef757.” So don’t get mad at us all, lol. The way he acts and the way he sounds up here, you were better off without him. I never seen a man act so crazy when his name wasn’t even mentioned. You really don’t know what he is capable of. I noticed the only thing he didn’t say anything about when one fool said something about slapping you. I see, chef757 didn’t come up here and say that he was not a woman beater. He was too much of a hot head to redeem himself. I would have had some respect for him if he had told DeShawn that he doesn’t believe in violence towards women, nor has a real problem with interracial dating. The only thing he did was come on here and try to belittle you for taking care of your mother. Where I come from those are fighting words. You didn’t need him in your life. Have a Happy New Year.

      1. I will not say I hate him because he is not worth such a strong emotion. However, I will say I cannot stand chef757. If I never see him again in a thousand years it still wouldn’t be long enough. The best I can do within the bounds of the law is to blacklist him from my website and that is what I have done. God and karma will do the rest. I can’t stand someone who I couldn’t trust with information about myself. He was too immature to say he didn’t want a relationship. I know all men are not like that, but many are. You’re right, Chef757 wasn’t going to respond with DeShawn because he probably agreed with everything he said. Happy New Year to you too. Hopefully, the new year will bring me better options.

  6. To Chef757: I am tired of arguing. There are things that have been said that cut like a knife. Congratulations if that was your intentions; it worked. All I wanted was to work on having a monogamous relationship. I thought we were off to a good start, but I was the only one that thought that. And to answer you back, no, I don’t know you, that was the problem. My observation about what you do on your day off is based on what you did to me. It was my plan to spend my b-day, Thanksgiving and Christmas getting to know you better, but I know now that was never your intention. It is what it is. Happy Holidays.

  7. You should have left the other comment up about how he lines women up and tells them everything they want to hear so by his day off he can get some. That is a player move if I have ever heard one. Men like him only thinks they’re getting away with something, but they won’t. It was a good observation too. Well, it’s Tuesday, I guess he probably has started logging back on his dating profiles again. I feel sorry for those women. By the way, I love VEN!

    1. Thanks Cami for your support. That’s right, it’s Tuesday morning. By now the female has left his apartment and he can get back online to find the next victim. Men can be “hos” too. Yes, his day is coming. Karma is going to grab him by the throat and shake him like a rag doll, lol.

  8. He is blocked from my website. No one tries to throw derogatory slurs involving my mother and try to act like I’m taking advantage of her. That’s why there are some things in life that you just don’t share with others who are too immature to be trusted with information. He knew my mother is disabled and he came and tried to act like I was taking advantage of her. I hope I never see that jerk’s face again. He is as low as they come. I wish I had never met him. I have never made one derogatory statement about anyone in his family. He is just a tired, used up, waste of life.

  9. Call your lawyer, Jenny. That guy is crazy! You’re still beautiful and smart. Your articles are everywhere. He’s the loser that no one can figure out who he is probably because he is no one. Dude, shower more, lol.

  10. He is totally obnoxious. I have never seen a guy have so much time on their hands to be working 65 hours a week. Then, he had the nerve to dog you on your website and belittle you for helping your mother. Trash like chef757 needs to rot in hell. I wouldn’t want to ever eat his food. He literally blamed you for calling him a leech when it was clear that @Heather said he was a gold-digger, which he probably is.. He is sooo dumb. You can do so much better than that. You might should contact a lawyer or police for harassment. His name isn’t even mentioned in the article and he is mad like he may hurt you. Please be safe and thanks for writing about pigs like him.

  11. So many lies in this it is funny.
    1. Yes I worked with the guy on hell’s kitchen
    Never did I say I fired him. I got promoted to a different location to be the chef.
    2. I have way more money than you so how would I leach off of you you don’t have a job. You live at home you don’t have a car or license you leach off other people.
    4. Can you take a lie detector test to prove these accusations are real. I know I can.

    1. Oh, let me teach you how to count too. Three comes before four, Genius. Maybe you should try watching Sesame Street. I never said you leeched off of me. You’re so ignorant you can’t even read, spell or count correctly. Writing is my profession. That shows how ignorant you are? I have my own apartment and maintain it with my career. My mother is disabled and on oxygen that’s why we are in the same apartment because I take care of her. I have a two-year writing contract for a children’s book trilogy and a business partner. What money do you have, Kitchen Manager? You were too scared of turning heat on in your apartment for fear of losing your lights. I think people liked you better when you were a drunk and fat. You’re still ugly though. It’s just a lot less of you. Even my sister knows I date better looking and overall better men than you, that’s why she asked me why did I get desperate. Yes, now you know the truth. You have money, Kitchen Manager? Then clean your carpet so it won’t smell like the dog. Replace your curbside, garbage day furniture with some new stuff. Repaint the ugly Dallas Cowboys symbol on the hood of your car. Turn on heat when it gets cold. Shower more. Buy a mop. Buy food. This article isn’t going anywhere, Kitchen Manager. And you were bragging about how you fired him. It’s a shame you lie so much until you can’t even remember what you said. Keep your ugly, lazy, wannabe chef self off my website! Let’s see how far you would get on Hell’s Kitchen. You probably wouldn’t even pass the qualification test. You were so ashamed of your food that’s why you didn’t want to cook, Kitchen Manager.

    2. He said 1, 2, 4, lol. There is nothing wrong with you taking care of your mother. Keep doing it and get rid of anyone that has a problem with that. He is an A**hole that can’t count, lol.

    3. Thank you so much kitchen manager for letting everyone see why I blacklisted you. You’re a low-class creature who knew full well that my mother was disabled. And then you tried to make people believe that I was mooching off her. You have stooped as low as they come. I’m keeping every last one of these messages to show others why I will not work with a piece of trash like you. Thank you for my proof.

  12. A nice young lady just sent me an email thanking me for writing articles like this to warn women against dating predators. Unfortunately, she fell prey to the ex-cop, Thomas Mendiola. However, she found my article and she said it gave her closure about her situation. I’m glad I am making a difference.

    For that reason, I will not be closing the comment section on this article. It is going to remain open to help others who may encounter this same situation or same person.

  13. If he is working all those hours a week why is he trying to find ways to make money off of you? Shouldn’t he have his own money? Arrogant Bastard!! He sounds like a gold-digger. You should have cussed him out as a birthday gift to yourself. I can’t blame you for blacklisting him.

    1. I have forgiven him from a distance. I asked him if he wanted gas money one time and he refused so he never tried to get money out of me. However, he cussed me out for the umpteenth time and brought up horrible things to me without an apology, that’s when I said dude you are blacklisted. We would have never been able to work together anyway. He was too tired all the time (so he says) angry and chauvinistic. As soon as I would have made a suggestion to him he would have been pissed off. He was a better person to family, people he knew for a long time and when he is on the clock at work.

  14. I’m still blown away that he missed out on a smart, beautiful (I saw your pic a couple of months back before you took it down) woman who can cook in the 21st century without burning his house down. He said himself that it was good and he’s a chef. Sadly, he just has poor judgment. I read the other posts and it said that he fired a guy who got all the way to the end on Hell’s Kitchen. I wish I could find out who that guy is, but I understand why you didn’t post his name. He is somewhere waiting to cash in on your hard-earned money. That’s the reason why you call him “Rumpelstiltskin.” Lol, he didn’t want his name mentioned either. I just want to say keep up the good work on VEN and keep your head up high because you have a lot to be proud about. I tried to spell-check my comment 😀

    1. Sweetie, you are a breath of fresh air coming from the race of man. Thank you so much. You hit the Rumpelstiltskin thing right on the head and it was also a fair description of his height, lol.

      1. LOL! And you can throw jokes with the best of them. He really screwed up. I don’t understand why he just couldn’t say sorry or it’s easier for a man to show that he’s sorry. I guess because he wasn’t.

        1. It’s ok. I don’t need an apology from him to feel whole. I’m good. It could have been worse, I could have been a fiancee. I felt so bad for his ex-fiancee’, I’m pretty sure he cheated on her the entire time he was with her. She probably never found out because he doesn’t admit to anything. Even if he did admit it or she caught him, I’m sure he found a way to shift the blame on her with his mind games.

          1. Yes, you’re probably right. Based on the way he acted in the short time that you knew him, he was probably playing the field on her too. Just one of those dime a dozen dudes that is given us all a bad name.

  15. Lol, DeShawn is a punk! Love the zoo comment. I’m a romantic though. Maybe you guys should have tried to work it out. Everyone deserves a second chance. I’m not making an excuse for him, but maybe he is one of those people who is use to responding with profanity and he didn’t mean it in an “I hate you” way. I know I would be upset if that happened, but he came over here and took the time to explain. I don’t know what’s going on with FB page, but chefs do work long hours.

    1. Playboy chef Rumpelstiltskin came over here to defend himself because he gets easily irritated. In his Duck Dynasty voice, he told me, “If you mention my name on anything and I will sue you for defamation of character so that you won’t have a pot to piss in. F*** Off!“ That’s not exactly the dialogue that makes my heart skip a beat in a romantic way. Also, when I was looking the sexiest I had ever felt on my birthday after we had settled things, I let him see a picture and he described me as “cute.” I had my hair done, I worked out to get a flatter tummy and I had a skin tight dress on that accentuated all my curves and all he said was “cute.” He can give better compliments than that he just didn’t want to. I had no problem with him working because only a crazy woman could not like a hardworking man, but he was logging on dating profiles and he had plenty of single women on his FB page. Trust me, he wastes no time moving on regardless of work hours.

  16. I gues this is the meeting of the Chickenheads. I googled you Ms. Mcclease and I saw a couple of pics of you. You’re sexy and everything, smart, but I can tell you run your mouth too much. Usually I don’t defend white guys because they keep killing us in dem streets. But this is y men don’t want to date pretty, smart women because of all the drama and you need too much. The ugly ones are a hell of a lot quieter and less picky. We can do whatever we want. You just met the dude and you wanted to change his whole life around and mess up his lady business. He should have smacked your a** and it would have served you right for dating outside your race. I can see why he cussed you the hell out on your birthday.

    1. OMG! I had to look at the calendar to see what year this was. You are so ignorant and close-minded. She can date whomever she likes. You are an abuser!

    2. @DeShawn. You are probably the stupidest dude that was ever given a birth certificate. You date ugly girls because that’s all your dumb self can get. I’m not surprised you would come up here defending another jerk.

    3. Here cums the chickens clucking again. Y’all can say what you want, but you noticed that white boy ain’t come up here at all and say I was wrong. He was up here yesterday. He know he wanted to smack that girl in the face. I ain’t saying he should really do it but she was just messin up the man’s business snooping here and snooping there. Chef dude knows that he was just trying to get sum.

      1. I am still amazed at the fact that you are reading and comprehending all on your own. If you and Rumpelstiltskin want to continue getting your dates from the zoo because of your numerous insecurities then you go right ahead. I did not ever try to control his life at all. I did not tell him who he could or could not have on his FB page. I told him that I wanted to take things slow. He told me that I was the only one he was seeing at the time. I don’t expect anything from anyone that I am not willing to freely give or do myself. Some men, regardless of race, are extremely needy as well. If they are not constantly entertained and ego stroked regularly, they start looking for other options. Chances are when those low self-esteem women that you like so much get tired of constantly appeasing your every whim, they are going to leave you too. I have accepted the fact that the things that I thought meant something only meant something to me. It could have happened to anyone who was looking for something serious and found someone who was not. I don’t need some bad grammar using, no count waste of life telling me that some guy should have used acts of violence to control me.

  17. I don’t want to sound one-sided like he does. When we were hanging out in the beginning, he used to send me “good morning” texts and when we were together I did feel like I was the only one. Things were going so well until I couldn’t believe it, so I started investigating and that’s when I found the dating profiles. One in particular would show when he was logging in. Once I got “old,” there were no more morning text messages, but he managed to log in to these dating sites before even saying anything to me. When we spent the weekend together, I took it as a bonding experience but a few hours after I left his apartment, he was logging in. It just made me so suspicious. I felt like he was looking for a replacement, so that’s when the arguments started. It’s just those profiles, the way he acted on Thanksgiving Day and cussing me out on my birthday that told me he was looking for other options. The exes on FB didn’t help either, but I had kind of excepted it until I realized he had completely stopped posting since I had been on his FB page. Then he told me he had posted something that I had never seen at all, so I felt like he was hiding things from me.

  18. Lol! His name wasn’t even mentioned, but yet he was able to know that it was him because what I wrote is everything he did. He is just an angry, high-strung, little Rumpelstiltskin, running around trying to terrorize everyone. Some small people, like myself, have a tendency to have big personalities. He just happens to have negative energy and a foul mouth to go along with his big personality. All is said and done now. He is still not a local culinary expert that I will be working with in the future. My blog post was a way to get closure after what happened and to help others learn who they are dealing with on online dating sites.

  19. Hahaha. All of y’all are funny. She got y’all feeling some type of way. First off we dated for 2 wks took her to dinner. The reason why I did not cook for her was because I work 65 hrs a wk. And the last thing I want to do after cooking all day is come home and cook. I got home tasted what she had made and told her it was good. I liked it it reminded me of beef stroganoff but with ground turkey. The reason why she went to the store in the first place was because she wanted to remake dinner not my fault. I never cussed her out on her birthday it was the day after. And just for the record my ex lives in PA so not getting back together anytime soon. Y’all can belive what you want but the difference between me and her is I will gladly tell the truth and not some made up fantasy.

    1. I see someone doesn’t understand the meaning of being blacklisted. Blacklisted means that you are banned from everything affiliated with my team and I. I am tired of your short-temper and your twisted idea of the truth. If you are working your 65 hrs a week, stay there. If you are laid up under some chick, stay there. Who cares where she lives because if it was the truth, you would have said that earlier. None of the messages that were posted up here went directly to you. They came to me. Stay off of my website. I do not call you anymore so I expect the same respect.

    2. @chef. Some nerve to come over here on someone else’s blog and try to belittle her in front of her fans. For that reason, I believe you did cuss her out on her birthday. I say let the blacklisting begin. How in the world do you have any time to leave comments, if you are working 65 hours a week?

    3. He knows where his ex lives? Yes, he is still in communication with her or secretly stalking. If you were all that good to her, you wouldn’t have to sit around waiting for an article to be published about you so you can comment and try to defend yourself. Why did you need all those dating profiles anyway? You’re suppose to take the time to get to know one person from one dating site, not one person from each dating site at the same time. Maybe you have an emptiness that you are trying to feel with women, or control issues perhaps.

  20. Why hasn’t anyone mention the fact that the loser cussed her out on her birthday? Let any guy try and cuss me out on any day and he will see what will happen to him. I don’t know which came first, the cussing or her birthday, but I would have never fixed him anything to eat either. He has his exes on his FB page for a reason because he is still sleeping with them. If he did not have any kids with her, there is no need for her to be there. That is twisted and weird. His ex-fiancee’ is just hanging around because she knows after he finishes with the other women, he will run back to her. Then, after a while they’ll breakup again and end up hating each other. I have seen it happen a million times.

  21. Forget about him! I hope you find someone better. He served her frozen foods with a side of hair. Eww! There are plenty of simple meals that take only 10 minutes to make. He was bragging about being a chef, so people expect to be fed. Why would she have to cook for him anyways and the article says that they weren’t even in a relationship? I would have never cooked for him the first time. I kept meeting men like that when I was using online dating sites, that’s why I started taking my chances meeting people in person. Let the frog stay in the forest and upgrade to a real man!

  22. Wow. I feel bad for him. He is a chef probably works 50 plus hours and you are mad he did not cook for you. It should be the other way. You should cook for him. You mentioned that you had to go shopping to get some food. If he works all the time why woulfd he waste money on food to throw away.

    1. It’s interesting that the person who comes to his defense is someone who has the same last name as his ex-fiancee. Convenient. However, if he had time enough to see other women from his dating profiles, he had time enough to cook a decent meal that represented who he was and his style. I cooked for him and it was not appreciated it. Even when I did cook, I felt the first meal I made was inadequate so I cooked him another one. Even if it meant walking in the cold to get the food. His dog was more appreciative to me for spending time with him then he was for anything. Also,he was a habitual blame shifter who never took responsibility for anything And he never gave credit when it was do.

  23. Usually, if you sense a guy is cheating, he usually is! Bet his favorite team are the cowgirls too… meaning no balls!!! Lol Not Saying all Steelers’ fans are perfect but I am a little bias. If a person is not ready for a relationship that should be honest enough to say at the

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