There is nothing wrong with those sweet, endearing holiday greeting cards we receive or give during the holiday season. They let the giver or receiver know that someone is thinking about them. However, sometimes you need to escape the mundane during the holidays and spice it up. 


Penn and Kim Holderness of Raleigh, N.C. were tired of mailing the same Christmas cards year after year to their family and friends, so they decided to try something new. So, Mr. Holderness got together with Mrs. Holderness and the two Holderness babies (Lola, 6 and Penn Charles, 3) and filmed a holiday video card, or should I say a rap music video, in their Christmas pajamas.

In the three-minute video, each family member takes a turn rapping about themselves. Mr. Holderness even reveals that he had a vasectomy and is leaving his current position as a news anchor to work with his wife in a company called,Green Room now Walk West.

I am certain their family and friends will remember this Christmas greeting for years to come. 

Family’s Holiday Video Card, “Christmas Jammies” Goes Viral

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