WEST MUNDEN, SOUTH NORFOLK, CHESAPEAKE, VA — When I moved back here three years ago, I thought I was escaping Norfolk rough streets. However, I ran right into another problem. I quickly discovered that Rhodes Street in West Munden is the hood.

A psychotic, paranoid old man decided that he was going to take a personal interest in me the moment I moved back. After he found out I wasn’t interested in speaking to him, I was attending civic league meetings and reporting crime, he became downright evil and conniving.

Before anyone says, “well, what’s wrong with him speaking?” He’s possibly the biggest fraud in this neighborhood. My sister was living here for years and even went to church with him and his now ex-wife. He didn’t want to speak to her. Besides, on several occasions when I was here the first time I personally witnessed him trashing my lawn. Then, he turns around and wants to speak to me because he felt like he had gotten away it. 

Anyway, back to the story…

The Geriatric Godfather started to cyberstalk me on Nextdoor and then wrote a defamatory post about me in the Crime & Safety section of Nextdoor.

In the Nextdoor post, he gave my name, address, business, occupation and website information. Then, he told everyone that he didn’t know me. How ironic. I never introduced myself to him and my sister or any of my family that lived here never associated with him at all. 

He tried to humiliate and discredit me after I posted on Nextdoor of how him and his friends from the pedophile house had been harassing me. Then, I posted photos of how his friends from the peophile house trashed my front lawn in the middle of the night, with his blessings of course. I also commented about the suspicious smells that were coming from the direction of his backyard.  

The holidays came and the Generic Godfather and friends would not let up. A little before Christmas, his guests started to arrive. Needless to say, I already felt uncomfortable considering what has been going on for the past three years.

Some of his guest showed up and surprisingly enough they actually parked in front of his house or used his driveway. I was shocked and slightly relieved. However, the relief didn’t last long.

He had defamed our characters again to these people. How could I tell? Every time they  decided to leave, they had to wait for the car to leave my driveway because they naturally assumed my house was empty. 

Then to show what level of the class spectrum they were on, these people actually had the audacity to watch our windows the entire time they were here! Seriously? I caught a bald-headed black guy walking past to the Generic Godfather’s house watching the windows of my house. 

Every time a light came on inside my house these low-class people started coming out, slamming car doors and driving off and some would just be coming in. Yes! They actually acknowledged that they were watching and waiting for the lights in my house to come on every night. I mean, how common and rude can you get?! This happened every single night they were around. That miserable old man has no chill!

The Generic Godfather and his friends does this all year long. Now, he had invited more people to do the same thing during the holidays. 

What is a holiday without the nasty old man that the Generic Godfather invited up here to stare, point and laugh at me while I was outside mowing the lawn? Yes, I know. It sounds like I’m talking about a couple of bratty kids. Sadly, I’m not.

He was parked outside my house again. This time, the Generic Godfather told him to park there because he was trying to block the people who live next door to him from parking there, yet he claimed on Nextdoor that he “thoroughly” enjoyed his neighbors. I’ve seen this man purposely stay inside his house and wait for his neighbors to pass just so he could avoid speaking to them. He even used to keep his truck parked in front of his house to keep his neighbors from parking anywhere near it. 

He really thinks he owns the street.

On Christmas Day, here comes the person in the Nissan Altima parked in front of my house. They could have pulled up behind the other guy that was in front of his house.  They’re the same person whom I believe helped him write the poorly written defamatory post about me on Nextdoor.

They were two minds that couldn’t insult me without practically plagiarizing things from my blog. They couldn’t  spell and there were several grammatical errors. After just “claiming” that you had a Master’s Degree. Now, that’s pathetic.

He had traffic in front of my house starting on December 21, 2018. It first started with the nasty old man that stayed parked at my house the first time for nearly two months. He came on Thursday, just so I could see him when I’m taking out the trash. 

Then, there was a green Chevrolet Tahoe…         On Christmas Day, it was the black guy in the Nissan Altima that helped the Generic Godfather post defamatory statements about me on Nextdoor. 

Here’s another one:

Having one guest parked in front of my house wasn’t enough, so he decided to block the entire street in front of my house. 

Above is what bullying looks like. He blocked us from having any visitors for the holidays. And they’re still here. They have been tag teaming each other to park in front of my house as a bully tactic. While this is happening the front of the Generic Godfather’s house is completely clear and so is his driveway.  

This photo was taken on January 3, 2019.

Now, I know it’s a city street. However, when his rude visitors park at my house, they have turned my yard into the city dump. Or, they’re sitting inside dark vehicles outside my house. He has cyberstalked me online (on my blog and on Nextdoor) and has people from the pedophile house spying on me all day and night. The only obvious reason, he has his guests in front of my house is so that he can do what he does best, bully and harass.

Beides, Rhodes is a small street. Every neighbor around here knows that the unwritten rule is that the space in front of your house is for your guests. I don’t have people park in front of his house. When his visitors park at my house, they try to turn my yard into the city dump.

Besides, since he’s friends with the pedophile’s house across the street, he could have had them park over there. Or, the old man that keeps spying out of his backdoor is friends with him. He could’ve parked over there near his house. Instead, these common folks are parked in front of my house and watching me like they’re I’m a unicorn. This just says to me that the Generic Godfather is a bully.

Yes, I had to deal with this for over two weeks. Trying to ignore this fool is not an option. The traffic kept increasing the more we ignored him. Pretty soon they would have been parked in front of my driveway.

What I find interesting is that the Generic Godfather was bragging on Nextdoor about how he had reported me to the police for writing too much. No police ever came to my house though! However, what about New Year’s when the front and back streets were lit up with celebratory gunfire and illegal fireworks? The Generic Godfather wasn’t calling the police then, and I’m pretty sure he knew who every last one of them was.

He didn’t called the police either when all those suspicious smells were outside and they were outside at the same time. How interesting.

Shady folks do shady things. Welcome to the hood.

Grinch Neighbor Tries To Ruin The Holidays

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