Do you remember the phrase “friends don’t let friends drive drunk?” Well, this phrase was given a whole new meaning by Prankster Tom Mabe. 

Mabe had a friend who has been arrested five times for driving while under the influence and he wanted to teach him a memorable lesson. So, he devised a plan to make his friend believe he was in a coma for the last 10 years. 

Once Mabe’s friend had apparently passed out in his truck due to another drinking binge, he had him placed in a fake hospital room. Mabe did not stop there. What’s a hospital room without a staff? He got a couple of actors to play the role of a doctor (Jim Clark) and a nurse.

When Mabe’s friend awoke, that’s when the lesson begin. He sees a nurse by his bedside. She leaves the room and gets “doctor” Clark.  A masked Clark tells Mabe’s friend that he has been in a coma for a decade.

Clark turns on the the television before leaving the room that showed a fake news report of fake world events, which depicts Hillary Clinton as the President who was trying to declare war on Canada, Miley Cyrus was residing in a trailer park and Justin Bieber was married to Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 

Then Mabe enters the room as another doctor. With a mask on his face, he starts pretending to perform tests on his friend. Once close enough to his face, he begins repeatedly slapping his drunken friend and scolds him for his idiotic behavior. 

Mabe’s friend appeared to be relieved that it was all a prank. However, Mabe hopes this creative lesson will help his friend realize the error of his ways. The entire prank was recorded, and the YouTube video is going viral!

Man Fools Friend Into Believing He Was In A 10-year Coma

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