WEST MUNDEN, SOUTH NORFOLK, Chesapeake, VA – On October 18, 2018, a neighbor attacked my character shortly after he sent me a cease and desist letter for telling the truth on Nextdoor.

Nextdoor is a social media platform that connects you to people in your neighborhood and people in surrounding areas. I had posted a comment in the Crime & Safety section on Sept. 7, 2018 about how I woke up to a front lawn filled with trash.

In my opinion, it was a collaborative effort by two houses on my block that has been harassing my family and I because I have reported crime in the area. However, it was the house across the street that did the deed that night, while the old guy or shall I say the “Generic Godfather” at the other house watched it happened and showed them how to put it in the lawn away from the view of my camera system. These two houses are connected and have formed some sort of “geriatric gang.”

Additionally, I posted photos of the person who did it, the car they drove and I told about the chemical/gas smells that were coming through the windows of my house at night. 

When I received the cease and desist letter from the “Generic Godfather,” it mentioned several things that I didn’t even write on Nextdoor. That’s the moment I realized I was being cyberstalked as well–on my own blog. So, I posted an insulting comment at the end of the article on my blog post to every lowlife in my neighborhood that is harassing me just to see if he would take the bait. He did.

A few hours after writing the comment on my own blog the “Generic Godfather” became infuriated and wrote a defaming post to destroy my reputation, my website and me as a credible freelance writer. He repeated a couple of words and phrases from my blog post as his own, but the rest of the things he falsely accused me of saying came from a scary, dark place in the confines of his mind, or perhaps he was admitting the truth. I realized that he had found my blog post by following a link I left in my Nextdoor post. My blog post didn’t have his name or address on it, and it was a year old. 

The “Generic Godfather” found out I had posted a comment on Nextdoor as soon as it happened. He created an account on Nextdoor four days (Sept. 11) after I wrote the comment. However, he never said a word because he was reading, scheming and fixing everything that I talked about. 

In the post, I mentioned how I caught his friend throwing trash in my front yard and he was driving around and his truck that he lent him. He had his truck towed on Sept. 18, 2018. On Sept. 29, 2018, he spent one Saturday cleaning his backyard and then had it pressure-washed after he read about the “sewage smells” that we were smelling coming from the direction of his backyard. Later on that night, he fired two gunshots outside our bedroom windows. An hour later, his friends across the street fired three gunshots. I couldn’t help but feel like this was another act of intimidation. Finally, he goes to a law office around October 14 or 15 after over a month had past and he had tied up his loose ends. 

I responded to the cease and desist letter with a four-page letter with photos before his post was written. One photo in particular was of a substance spill that killed a patch of my grass and the live branches that was sticking through my fence overnight. It came from under his fence.

For anyone who was on Nextdoor and saw the lies that was posted about me, there is a backstory and the “Generic Godfather” is not the victim. Below, I have included the four-page letter that I wrote to the “Generic Godfather’s” lawyer. 

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After this letter and photos were sent in response to a bogus cease and desist letter, there was no further action taken. 

Unfortunately, this four-page letter doesn’t even tell everything that has been happening to my family and I.

The Generic Godfather is still having my family and I harassed on a daily basis. He’s a spineless coward who pays other people to do the things he’s too afraid to do, or when he does do something he sneaks around at night. Another reason he harasses us is because we are women and he has no respect for them. 

Neighbor Defames My Character on Nextdoor

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