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Updated Aug 1, 2018

Tomi Lahren is a 23-year old, diehard Republican conservative who catapulted from intern to news anchor overnight, sharing her opinions as they are formed within the tiny bubble she resides in. 

Lahren’s controversial career began after a speech she made at the Conservative Political Action Conference in March 2015. She made a statement criticizing young voters for assuming the GOP is populated by “old, rich, white males.” It went viral and made headlines. Somehow the GOP didn’t realize people thought they were mostly comprised of old, rich white males until the year 2015 when a blonde-haired, intern informed them.

As the story goes… 

Robert Herring, Sr., Republican and founder of One America News Network (OANN), was so impressed with her “audaciousness” exuded during her speech. Herring gave her a tour around the OANN network and took her back to his office where he asked her what she wanted to do. She replied, “do whatever.” He offered her, her own show rather than an internship. Since then, Lahren has become the “old, rich, white men” media muse. Who knew journalism was so easy to get into? She didn’t need experience, a resume or intellect, just an opinion. 

Attack on President Obama and ALL Muslims

                          President Obama & Her

On July 16, 2015, four U.S. Marines were killed in Chattanooga, TN. by Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez. Lahren made headlines again for rebuking President Barack Obama’s anti-terrorist policy on One America News Network’s “On Point” segment.

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez

She said he had a “half-way, half-baked, tip-toe, be-friendly-to-Jihadis mentality” and accused him of caring more about “Muslim sensitivity” than the honor and sacrifice made by the U.S. Marines who had just died.

Lahren ignorantly stated that since the Muslims brought war to us that we should bring war to them. Really? There was only one Muslim that attacked that day and he was was killed on the same day the marines were killed. Justice was served. 

Was she actually suggesting that American government risk more military lives by sending in troops to attack overseas Muslims after the guilty Muslim was taken care of on American soil?


“We need to put the fear of God into their desert.”


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Are you serious?

Americans have been fighting back since she was in elementary school. After 9/11, the war in Afghanistan began a month later (October 7, 2001) American troops were sent in and defended this country like the champs they are. It lasted for 13 years.

Moreover, the Iraq War started in 2003 when American troops were deployed to Iraq and defeated Iraqi military and paramilitary forces. It ended in 2011.

We have been at war for over ten years. Is her bubble really that tiny? How can she even breathe in there? She goes on to classify ALL Muslims as dangerous terrorists by saying, “’Yesterday’s moderate is today’s terrorist.” Lahren is a warmongering thug, white supremacist that’s causing just as much racial division as the KKK.​

More Concerned For Navy Seal Boyfriend

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One would think the “passionate” almost-scripted speech Lahren gave was because she came from a military family. She has two cousins who are in the Marine Corps and a grandfather that was a paratrooper in World War II. However, the rant was actually inspired by her new boyfriend, Jerad Christian, a Navy Seal.

She had just met him in San Diego in February 2015. He got deployed overseas on a secret mission. According to her friends, “the reason she did the final thoughts segment was because the issues resonated with her because of Jerad, he’s her hero.” Although she tried to make her viewers believe she was concerned for the Marines that were killed.

She blamed President Obama for jeopardizing the lives of military personnel, but that is exactly what she did to Jerad Christian and other Navy Seals who were deployed with him at the time when she shared his private information and that he was going on an undisclosed mission with her friends who in turn told the media. Also, she posted several photos of Christian’s face that have been collected by the media.

As far as I’m concerned, President Obama has done more for this country by killing two of America’s most notorious terrorists, Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein than a bleached-blond, inexperienced news anchor.

Lahren’s Racist Upbringing

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Lahren doesn’t embrace cultural diversity because she has never been exposed to it. Let’s face it, hate begins at home.

Let’s take a look inside of Tomi Lahren’s bubble.

She grew up in Rapid City, South Dakota. According to in 2015, the population is 80.4% white and 1.1% black. The first time she probably ever saw a black person was when she was flipping through television channels. That is, if her parents Kevin and Trudy Lahren allowed our faces in their home.

Lahren attended Rapid City Central High School with a 71% white population and a 2% black population, according to a 2012-2013 source. South Dakota is known for it’s racist schools.

According to, racism has always been, a problem in the Rapid City school system, “Racism is most tragic when it affects children, and for many years, the schools in South Dakota were noted for problems. At least three school districts in South Dakota, including Rapid City, Winner, and Sisseton, are exploring ways to counter discrimination.” School Superintendent Tim Mitchell has been trying to implement new programs at Lahren’s alma mater that will put an end to discrimination.

Apparently racism at Rapid City Central High School has been going for well over a decade, at the same time Lahren was attending. However, she praises the school. This is proof that she has never cared about anyone else’s problems and she certainly isn’t going to start now.

Lahren went back to her old alma mater and gave a graduation speech that wasn’t well received by everyone.


Another Attack on Blacks

With her attacks on President Obama and Actor Jesse Williams, it’s no secret that Lahren doesn’t like blacks.

Before I begin, I’m not a follower of Black Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter. I recognize there are problems in both of these movements. I also acknowledge that police brutality is real and so is systematic racism. Blacks, Whites and Hispanics are dying unjustly by the hands of the people who are suppose to protect us. There are police officers that are murdered as well. I believe there is people-on-people crime.

However, Lahren uses negative moments of black and Muslim cultures to label all of us and further the racial tension. Recently, she tweeted the Black Lives Matter movement was the new KKK after five Dallas Police officers were killed. She deleted the tweet, but she still meant every word of it and brings it up every chance she gets.

Black, Whites and Hispanics were outraged and tweeted back.

The KKK is a white supremacist group that wears white hoods to cover their faces. They fight to eradicate different cultures, religions and all people that aren’t white, whereas Black Lives Matter is a movement created to raise awareness about the alarming rate of police brutality cases in the black community.

This movement has diverse supporters, including Whites and Hispanics. The founders and organizers don’t support any violence that occurs, unlike the KKK. However, being a movement rather than a group, they can’t control the thugs that conceal themselves in the public protests.

Lahren used the tweet to accuse the Black Lives Matter movement for killing five Dallas police officers, rather than the gunman, Micah Xavier Johnson. The police hadn’t even finished their investigation before she made her bias commentary.  

Johnson told police he was fed up with the police shootings of black people, and he had no affiliation to any group or movement. Johnson was murdered. Justice was served. However, Republicans, like Tomi Lahren, Eric Trump (Donald Trump’s son) and GOP congressman/radio host, Joe Walsh were not satisfied. 

Walsh declared war and threatened blacks including President Obama who publicly stated his disgust with the shootings. President Obama stated, “I believe I speak for every single American when I say we are horrified over these events, and we stand united with the people and the police department in Dallas.” He called the attack a “vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement.” He also said, “There is no possible justification for these types of attacks. Anyone involved in the senseless murders will be held fully accountable. Justice will be done.”

FOX News Wannabe

​The FOX News Reporter Wannabe Lahren is the pied piper for the GOP. Instead of playing hypnotic music on a flute, she uses her dyed blonde-hair and extremely made over face to recruit the younger white people to the Republican side and keep the old ones interested.

When a petition to get her fired received over 50,000 signatures for her constant hate speeches, her Republican, KKK supporters blew up the comment section. They criticized and demeaned blacks as if we all were apart of the BLM movement while defending the KKK.

While others stated they only followed her because they liked the way she looked. Her new employer right-wing-leaning, TheBlaze are trying to become the next FOX News. FOX News sells sex to make racism easier to swallow and that’s what TheBlaze is doing. Below is a slideshow of the type of people who follow her.

Tomi Lahren’s Fan Club

Jose Farjardo
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The Blaze

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze is a news platform with an infamous reputation for severe racist activity in its comment section, with no sign of slowing down. Moderators are watching the cesspool of hatred, but they do nothing.

Many of audiences are a bunch of cowards that are too afraid to use a picture or their real names. Their audience is so far in the past, it’s a miracle they no what year it is. They even offer each other advice on how to be a discreet racist and not get caught.

No wonder they hired Tomi Lahren, she is the perfect fit for their audience. She has a few things in common with The Blaze readers. For example, they like to create fake profiles to make it seem as if more people are agreeing with them than there really are and so does she.

Lahren has a fake Facebook profile and used it to comment on an article about herself insulting blacks. I have to admit she gives 100 percent to her hate campaign. Take a look at Lahren’s fake Facebook profile below.

The photo in the profile is a picture of Ken McLeod, an actor from the 90s that starred in a few kickboxing movies. He is from Duluth, Minnesota. This profile is obviously fake.

The profile claims that he’s from Eaton Rapids and Lahren is from Rapid City, South Dakota. He lives in California around 2014 and so did she. Could there be a connection?

One thing I’ve noticed about Republicans is that they will sometimes use celebrity photos to create fake Facebook profile pages.

Since I’ve posted this, the “owner” of this profile has made a few changes to the page in an effort to make it look more authentic. The page has been commenting on other post about blacks, especially on YouTube.

The so-called “self-employed” Ken McLeod commented on Brother Ben’s YouTube Channel within 30 minutes of him posting a video about D.L. Hughley condemning Steve Harvey. For someone that’s “self-employed” he has a lot of time on his hands. 

Fake profiles are just another way the GOP continues to push their hate campaign.

Puppet For The Republicans

Republicans had a plan to recruit a younger, white crowd in hopes of winning the 2016 election. Lahren is a younger marketable product developed and produced by the GOP to promote their point of views and push their hate agenda to a younger audience.

She is like the Justin Bieber of the political world–no talent, but an easy sell. Her opinions and views are never formed from facts, statistics or in-depth research, just from the dark corners of her tiny mind. She doesn’t have any solutions to problems, just criticizes the people who offers solutions.

Lahren is a close-minded, immature, bimbo who has been given a public platform to spread hatred. She has benefited substantially from using the media to further racial tension throughout the nation. She has even went as far as to create fake Facebook profiles to leave negative comments about blacks on articles about her insulting blacks. How pathetic and childish is that?

Lahren lacks compassion and could care less if there’s racial equality, she’s just trying to make a buck at others expense. She will continue to use these sleazy tactics until she is a household name.

I’m an independent, but the political views of Republicans are more appalling than appealing. I have read the comments on Facebook News Pages, and online news platforms and many Republicans are bigots, like Lahren.

They are not concerned with winning black votes because they know that whites are still the majority, so they could care less about what they say about us. They scratch the backs of the rich and stomp the poor into the ground.


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News Anchor Tomi Lahren Is Pushing GOP’s Hate Agenda

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