Some of you may have noticed that I have password protected some posts on my blog. It’s an effort to protect my website and its content from cyberstalkers.

Throughout the years, I have been being harassed on my blog for writing about things that were already published online and to warn people in the state of Virginia about dating predators. 

I have been cussed out, insulted and cyberstalked on my own blog for speaking out. On November 20, 2018, around 3:30am EST time, a password protected blog post “Update: Married, Ex-Cop Thomas Mendiola Is Caught in A Paternity Battle With Ex-Girlfriend From POF” that I wrote was breached. Perhaps, the individual tried to hack my website.

Remember this: Cyberstalking is a crime and so is hacking. 

Everyday–for the past four years–there has been people on my blog using different ip addresses and phony names. At one point, you’ve even searched my articles from your job, not a smart move. Don’t blame me for the stupid decisions and careless mistakes that they’ve made throughout your life. People wanted to know what happened to the child, they don’t care anything about the rest of you. And, the people who commented on these posts didn’t like you before I even started this website.

You constantly search these articles through different search engines, several times a day, every single day. I don’t have to promote these articles because you “geniuses” keep them relevant and at the top of the search engines with your constant cyberstalking. Don’t blame me for their success, your faithfulness has made it all possible. 

Since the incident, the Mendiola articles will remain open. 

For anyone that is interested in reading any password-protected blogs, I will make this option available to you soon.