SOUTH NORFOLK, WEST MUNDEN, CHESAPEAKE, VA 23324 – On December 27, 2018, around 1:00 am, there was a strong scent in the air coming from the 1600 block of Rhodes Street. 

To the best of my knowledge, it had to be drugs. No matter how much food someone burns, it will never smell that awful. It smelled like burning rubber or plastic some would say. 

After smelling it, my sinuses became sensitive and started to hurt. 

The smell was strong, so it was close. Someone was either “cooking” it or smoking it. 

On December 31, 2018, around 12:30am, there was a sweet, burning smell coming from the same street. Probably, more drug smells.

The lack of police presence on Rhodes Street plays a role in the consistent suspicious activities.

If anyone has any information on where these odors are coming from contact the non-emergency police number at 757-382-6161. Always remain anonymous.


Suspicious Smells In West Munden

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