January 6, 2021 was the day that the electoral college votes were going to be officially certified in favor of President Joe Biden. The presidential office was officially beginning to transition from Republican to Democrat. It also was the day that the Democrats would gain control over all the branches of government, thanks to Georgia. In anguish, a vicious, angry Trump-supporting  mob of rioters and looters stormed the U.S. Capitol and Congress in hopes of undermining democracy and overturning the 2020 presidential election results. The certification was momentarily delayed, but never stopped. 

Donald Trump has been bitter and petulant about losing the presidential election to President Joe Biden. Since the 2020 election results, he has relentlessly spreaded futile claims about election fraud. Trump has filed more than 30 frivolous lawsuits against the battleground states where Biden took the lead and all of which have been thrown out of the courtroom. Audits, recounts and investigations have also been launched, all proving that election fraud claims made by Trump were baseless. 

Even though Trump’s election fraud claims have been debunked, his diehard supporters can’t seem to distinguish fact from fiction and are having a difficult time accepting the results. Trump, however, has artfully utilized his supporters’ denial to his advantage. He has acquired more than $400 million from them through a campaign called “Stop The Steal”, and has molded them into his own personal mob who he encourages to take action when all other options have failed him. January 6 was a prime example. 

The Trump supporters who attacked the U.S. Capitol poured in from the darkest and shallowest corners of different states in the U.S. Each one fueled by a communistic ideology that America’s democracy could be swayed by brute force. An ideology that Trump has been instilling through social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook.  since his presidential campaign in 2016 and all throughout his presidency..    

They killed, injured, looted and vandalized without much deterrent from Capitol Police or the National Guard. The FBI, on the other hand, has been vigilant in finding the culprits involved in the Capitol Riots. So far, more than 200 case files have been opened and 100 arrests have been made.

Some of the rioters who were identified are from Virginia. 

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia identified Jacob Fracker (29) and Thomas Robertson (47) of Rocky Mount Virginia as two of the rioters. Both are Rocky Mount police officers. Fracker is also a corporal in the Virginia National Guard. Robertson is an Army Veteran with ranger and sniper training.

Fracker and Robertson were both off-duty when they decided to storm the Captiol on their day off. In an effort to commemorate the occasion, the two police officers took a selfie of themselves flipping the bird in front of Major General John Stark’s statue. It’s unknown whether they were flipping off the statute or themselves since they were taking a selfie.

In Fracker’s FBI Search Warrant application, it reveals that video footage from the U.S. Capitol shows Fracker inside wearing a gas mask and a black hooded sweatshirt during the riots. His friend, Robertson was wearing a black jacket. When they were taken into custody, the gas mask, black sweatshirt and jacket were missing.

Further investigation led to the two police officers’ Facebook accounts, which revealed some damning information about them.

The day after the riot Fracker sent a  photo of himself to a friend while he was wearing the black sweatshirt and standing in front of a statue that was holding a Trump 2020 MAGA flag. Then he sent his friend some videos of himself and told his friend,

“Don’t share these. Just thought you should know there’s hitter out here trying to make a f***ing difference at any cost.”

In the videos, Fracker could be seen wearing the missing gas mask and banging himself in the chest several times. He bragged to his friend,

“Sh*t was wild lol I pissed in Nancy P’s toilet.”

Fracker’s siege of the Capitol seemed to bring back memories of his time in Afghanistan. He described the experience to his friend as


“felt good to be back in the sh*t”

“sh*t was f***in’ LIT.”

On January 7, 2021, Fracker replied to a friend’s comment on Facebook:

“Freedom 2020. F**k commies. F**k tyranny. And f**k anyone in the way of a free America.”

That last line was an interesting choice of words to use after unlawfully entering the U.S. Capitol to overthrow a democracy by brute force simply because his political party lost in a fair election. He literally tried to invoke tyranny and steal the election.

Fracker laughed about the incident on Facebook and used his military service and the death of fallen soldiers as an excuse to “protest” by any means he sees fit.

After investigating Robertson’s Facebook page, FBI discovered that several of his  posts seemed to reveal that he was beginning to unravel and he was reaching a boiling point starting late last year.  He wrote:

“Civility has left me. I’m tired of always taking the high road and being beat by those who cheat, lie, and steal to win and then allow their media to paint me as the bad guy. I won’t be disenfranchised. I’ll follow the path our founders gave us. Redress of grievances (already done) civil disobedience (here now)and then open armed rebellion. I’ve spent the last 10 years fighting an insurgency in Iraq and then Afghanistan. I’m prepared to start one here and know a bunch of like minded and trained individuals.” – 12/19/20

Ten days later Robertson made a comment on a post:

“Amen. The time is upon us to remind our government where their power is derived from.”

What the what did that statement mean?!!! I would hate to be pulled over by this guy during a traffic stop.

On Jan. 4, he announced to his FB friends that he was heading to D.C. to “peacefully” protest. 

Two days after he finished breaking and entering the Captiol, he went off the rails again leaving a comment on a post. 

“Well…..Fuck you. Being nice, polite, writing letters and sending emails hasn’t worked. Peaceful protests haven’t worked. Millions of FB posts, tweets, and other social media hasn’t worked. All  that’s left is violence and YOU and your ‘Friends on the other side of the isle’ have pushed Americans into that corner. The picture of Senators cowering on the floor with genuine fear their faces is the most American thing I have seen in my life. Once….for real….you people ACTUALLY realized who you work for.” – 01/08/2021

We say a similar thing about them as police officers. They need to realize who they work for when they’re standing on our necks and shooting us in our beds.

I digressed.

Anyway, there’s so many things wrong with that one post. A cop trying to cause an uprising and encourage violence.   

And here’s another Facebook post by Robertson that’s been floating around various news outlets:

As you can see, both were proud, justified and empowered by their actions.

Robertson did reveal some egregious information to the media that may give insight into the numerous photos that surfaced on social media of Capitol Police exuding minimum to no efforts to deter the attacks.

“We were allowed by Capitol police to be where we were and were given water bottles and told where we could go and where we couldn’t,” Robertson said.

Robertson insisted that the infamous photo of him and Fracker were taken after the rioting had subsided. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to believe this particular part of his story because it contradicts the incriminating social media posts he made stating that he was

“willing to put skin in the game”,

“all that’s left is violence…”

“I’ve spent the last 10 years fighting an insurgency in Iraq and then Afghanistan. I’m prepared to start one here and know a bunch of like minded and trained individuals,”

And that…

“CNN and the Left are just mad because we actually attacked the government who is the problem and not some random small business … The right IN ONE DAY took the f***** U.S. Capitol. Keep poking us.”

One of many posts that has since been deleted. However, before it was deleted, it was included in a criminal complaint that was filed in federal court.

Vincent Veloz, a U.S. Capitol special agent, who wrote the criminal complaint says that the Capitol was on lockdown at the time the photo of him and Fracker were taken and that their entry itself was unlawful.

Fracker and Robertson each face federal charges for “knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.” They were the first known police officers to be apprehended for their participation in the Capitol riot.

The two officers will not spend any time in jail even after Robertson admitted to “attacking the government” and they were released on $15,000 unsecured bonds. They’re prohibited from entering Washington D.C., keeping firearms and banned from participating in any protests and demonstrations while on bail.

The Rocky Mount Police Department has been nudging them off the force. Since learning of their involvement in the Capitol riot, the department placed them on administrative leave. On Jan. 22, 2021, they were suspended without pay. According to the Daily Beast, the Rocky Mount Police Department are now asking them to step down by Tuesday (Jan. 26, 2021) or be fired. vi

The dynamic duo told the Roanoke Times that they’re being accused of “conduct unbecoming of an officer” after their involvement in the Capitol riot. Robertson is saying that he is not leaving his job and that he will fight it every step of the way. Rocky Mount Police Department may need to keep an eye on him because inciting “insurgencies” seems to be his thing. 

In my opinion, Fracker and Robertson should be fired from the Rocky Mount Police Department. They went to the U.S. Capitol to cause an uprising against the American government because of baseless claims of election fraud made by Trump. Claims that have been proven false by audits, recounts and investigations. They refuse to take any responsibility for their unlawful, outrageous and unprofessional actions. The way they expressed themselves on Facebook was disturbing and frightening because they are police officers. They sounded unhinged and entitled. Bragging about urinating in Nancy Pelosi’s toilet? and making numerous crazy Facebook rants about violence? Seriously! They were actually reliving the wars they served in at the Capitol. Something they should probably get some counseling for. The thought of them having a gun, a badge and a legal right to shoot someone is bone-chilling.

Two Virginia Cops Arrested For Pro-Trump Riot At The U.S. Capitol

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