Thomas Mendiola. Photo by: Las Vegas Review Journal

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

In recent developments, it has been confirmed that Thomas Mendiola has a wife, three children and has been married for 25 years. 

Back in August, Thomas Mendiola was exposed as a tyrant in Virginia’s dating scene. However, his passion for Southern Belles have taken him to Florida and Alabama. 

A woman from Mobile, Alabama states, that he got her pregnant and she now has a son by him. She says that Mendiola is refusing to pay child support. The two met on the POF dating site and had a relationship for one-year. 

Mendiola blames her for getting pregnant. Apparently, he doesn’t know how babies are made, even with three kids of his own. Her and her lawyer are fighting to prove paternity.

Mendiola’s wife seems to be well aware of his extramarital affairs, based on statements he has made to women he has dated, his wife may have had a few affairs of her own.

The Alabama woman tried to contact Mendiola about the baby, but his wife answered the phone and told her that if the paternity results came back proving that her husband was the child’s father, then Mendiola will pay child support but has forbade him to have anything to do with the child.

Mendiola was a Las Vegas cop who shot and killed Erik Scott for mistaking a cell phone in his hand for gun. However, he was indicted for giving a convicted felon a gun.

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Update: Married, Ex-Cop Thomas Mendiola Is Caught in A Paternity Battle With Ex-Girlfriend From POF

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15 thoughts on “Update: Married, Ex-Cop Thomas Mendiola Is Caught in A Paternity Battle With Ex-Girlfriend From POF

  1. On November 20, 2018, this article was hacked backed open around 3:30am. I had closed it and password-protected the article. Someone (I have a pretty good idea who did it) tampered with the password to open it up. I reported it to the FBI with all relevant information. These articles are still being visited on a daily basis by the same culprits. This article will remain open and the comment section is still open as well.

  2. The paternity results are in…

    On July 27, 2018, Sarah received the paternity results after a four-year long paternity battle with Mendiola. The paternity test proved that Thomas R. Mendiola is the father of Noah.

    I’m finally glad it’s over because I was sick of the entire selfish family. They were the uncensored version of the Addams family based on my encounters with them and hearing how they treated others.

    They (Thomas, Melissa and “C”allie) came to my blog lied, insulted me, cussed me out and threatened me for years.

    In June, Melissa came on my website looking for any opportunity she could to paint her and her daughter as victims, even though they were the ones that posted comments on my blog. Seriously? Her daughter comes to my blog lie about who she is, get exposed anyway and then play the victim. And for what? She made some good points in her comments.

    The guy asked her one simple question “Are you Tom’s daughter?” I said yes. She freaked out like a terrorist getting questioned by the FBI. Next thing I know here comes Melissa from the sidelines waiting to throw her and her family into the victim role. You would’ve thought the guy threatened her or something. He gave her some sage advice. Besides, I don’t even allow threats on my blog anyway, regardless of how much I dislike you.

    Sorry to disappoint you Mendiolas, but the victim in this situation was Noah. Thomas may have gotten away with murder and giving a gun to a felon, but he didn’t get away with this.

    I’m not a psychiatrist, but Thomas is showing signs of a sociopath.

  3. After almost four long years, I am pleased to report that Thomas Mendiola has stepped up to the plate and is finally going to take a paternity test, which proves to be a huge step in the right direction. .

    Moreover, Mendiola has reached out to Sarah and Baby Noah. He and Noah have spoken on the phone recently.

  4. Just want to make it public record, Tommy my email and phone number is the same. You have not tried to reach out for your son ever. Last time you saw our son he was 4 months old. You know my ex took a DNA test because we just had a hearing about it. Leave our son’s name out of your mouth especially on social media and this blog. You have no right to call him your son since you asked me for an abortion. If you want to know how your son is you can call. I am so tired of you playing the victim. It’s time for you to take responsibility for making this child. Contact me like the grown man you are.

  5. Callie, I served with your father in CT when you were just a newborn and your mother was pregnant with your brother or sister. Your Dad has always been a nice guy, but he definitely has a problem with honesty. We use to call him Walt Disney because he had a story about everything, most of the time unbelievable. I am truly amazed to see where his life went after the service. From reading about him being a crooked cop, to this right here…. Is just disappointing and sad. I am sorry you have had to go through this and don’t let him control you like he has your mother. I can only imagine how much worse he has got over the past 20 years.

    Tom, if you are reading this….. Man up. Take responsibility for the direct result of your actions, and seek help… You are clearly a pathological liar and that can’t be good for family life. To have this be so public is an embarassment to your family and you owe them to make it right.

  6. F you….if you really knew him you’d know that that is not his daughter. You would get a life and realize that you are slandering someone you don’t know. Maybe I have a lawsuit on my hands bringing my children into this

    1. First of all, Melissa…

      Slander is making false and damaging claims and or statements about someone. None of my claims or statements are false and your husband was damaged long before I even wrote these articles.

      All of my articles are backed up by legitimate sources from previously written articles, lawyer and legal documents.

      You, your daughter and husband has been coming to my blog and leaving comments for years. Someone your husband Tommy dated informed me about who your daughter was.

      None of you live in Virginia, but yet you all are camped out on my Virginian blog cussing at me, calling me names and threatening me for content that was already on the internet. Perhaps, I should be filing harassment charges against you and your family, Melissa.

      Try using some of that backbone on your cheating husband.

  7. Hello Sarah,

    Here’s the thing. Tommy aka “Bulldog” doesn’t want his story told. I think your going at this all wrong. Throwing court paperwork at him will only push him further and further away. Maybe trying a different approach will be better, after all you liked him at one point, or you wouldn’t have slept with him. Just try to see if he will help you, with out the court system. See if he will pay 1/2 for everything the child needs/ wants. Coming up with a solution without the court system is much better for the child. Every boy needs their father in their life. Sharing custody will only benefit the child.

    Tommy if you are reading this, please do right by your son. I promise you, you will regret it if you don’t. This is your only son and he does need you regardless what your wife thinks about you knocking up this girl. It’s not about the girl, it’s about your child. Your dad would be disappointed in you. Please do the right thing.

    You both need to grow up! It’s not about either one of you. You both need to work as a team.

    1. Hello Callie,

      I edited some of your comment at the beginning because it was very favorable of a man that brought this down on himself. While you’re trying to defend him as a “private person,” keep in mind that he has had other affairs on his wife. There has been more than one woman who have written to me because they have had an affair with him.

      Mendiola’s own actions established his cyber reputation. It was not Sarah’s fault why he is on the internet. He’s the one that screwed up so bad until it made headlines. In fact, he had made headlines long before Sarah was in the picture.

      It was my knowledge that Sarah did talk to him at first. She told him she was pregnant and he blamed her for it and took off. What other option did she have besides going to court? Seems to me Mendiola forced her hand.

      Now, I do agree with you that the most important person in this paternity situation is the child. However, Mendiola doesn’t seem to have been held responsible for his actions at any time for any reason. It’s about time that he is held responsible.

    2. The thing is I tried to do things without the courts. He ran. My son has an amazing dad that has raised him since birth. Tommy is nothing but a poor excuse as a man. I want him to take care of his responsibilities as a man and pay his part. Every child deserves the best including my child. It is being handled by the courts because that is what he asked for and so his his wife. Looks like you Callie are hurting from this as well. But his reputation was ruined by himself way before me. I just want my son to be financially stable with both of our incomes. That is the right thing. Tommy has never been responsible for his actions. It is time for him to do so. I am so sorry Callie that you feel the way you do. My little boy deserves the best just like any other child.

      1. Hello Sarah,

        It’s really non of my business, but I just wanted to share what I would do if it was me in this situation. Well, you have to do what’s best for you and your child. I agree, everyone child deserves a great life. I’m huge on child advocacy. I’m not hurting at all, I’m fabulous! It doesn’t affect me one bit. I have an awesome life! I couldn’t agree with you more, he does need to take responsibility for his actions. Hope it all works out for everyone involved.

  8. Dear Possible Meth User With the Fake Name “George” and the Fake Email (,

    Your comment has been deleted. There is no room on my blog for anyone who supports a murderer, adulterer and a deadbeat dad.

    First of all, assuming that you can read, there’s nothing in either one of my articles stating Mendiola’s age. However, I believe his age was stated in an article written in “Las Vegas Review Journal” in 2012. So you do know that he still wouldn’t be 35 years old in 2014 (when I wrote this) or in 2016?

    Secondly, this article is an update article. My facts about how long he was married came from court documents from a lawyer representing someone Mendiola has screwed over. So, apparently he must be older than the article in the Las Vegas Review Journal, if he claims in court documents that he was married for 25 years.

    Perhaps, you should try thinking (if it’s not to difficult for you) before making stupid comments. If you want to attack someone, try attacking the Las Vegas Review Journal who actually gave his age.

    1. I am sure that was Tommy himself. If he wants to have his story told then he needs to show up for court and quit pushing it back. His son is almost three years old. He needs to grow up and take care of his responsibilities as a man.

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