West Munden is the hood. Although you may not know it at first because of the manicured lawns, quaint little houses and a church that sits on the corner of the street. However, if you look pass the surface, you’ll see the ugly. The best time to see the ugly is when the sun goes down.

On June 8 and June 9, drug smells were coming from Rhodes Street and literally seeping through your windows and doors. It’s the most unpleasant thing to smell. It completely dehydrates you. Your throat starts to close because it’s so coarse and dry. Your nostrils are burning and sometimes bleed. Your stomach starts to cramp, and your kidneys ache because it feels like you haven’t had water in days. By the time, morning comes your skin looks and feel like you’ve vacationed in the Sahara.

On June 13, 2020, loud music, loud talking was coming from Martin Avenue all day long. It continued to June 14. When nightfall came, gunshots sounded–one behind the other. They don’t care if they hit or kill someone.  The music was still playing. You could hear loud talking, laughing and someone just started screaming repeatedly at the top of their lungs. *Audio*

Martin Avenue has been half-busted a few times by Chesapeake Police over the years, which in turn, has left behind a few problems. I don’t recommend that anyone take an evening stroll through this street.

On June 13, there’s someone who rode a loud bike or moped through Rhodes Street, Martin Avenue, Myers Road at ridiculous speeds. They could kill someone, including themselves.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a few good apples out here, emphasis on few.

Around midnight on June 14, more drug smells from Rhodes Street.

Calling Chesapeake Police is just not a viable option anymore. I honestly don’t know what they’re here for. It must be the pension. Although they have all sorts of resources at their disposal, they constantly respond to situations with this line, “There’s nothing I can do.” They don’t want to talk to you. When you do talk to them they cause more problems for you. They’re not interested in fixing anything and why should they. Chesapeake is a city that is run by Republicans. Chesapeake Police endorses Republican mayoral candidates. Endorsements in Chesapeake goes a long way. Republicans support police, therefore, Chesapeake police can choose what they will and will not do without any consequences.

Chesapeake Police places people in a position where you’re forced to choose between the lesser evil and the greater evil. As long as it’s not on your property, you just have to look the other way. That’s why the seniors around here that are forced to call the police, lie and tell the person they called the police on that someone else did it. That’s the type of dog eat dog environment Chesapeake Police has helped to create.

In West Munden, your closest neighbor has been there for decades and has a dark secret that they should’ve went to prison for years ago. Who’s going to betray their secret? Certainly not the house across the street that is owned by a felon and that houses other felons.  Don’t think for one minute that Chesapeake Police doesn’t know about them because they do.

West Munden’s Wild Nightlife Is Out of Control

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  1. 06-19 – As soon as the sun went down, loud popping sounds. It may have been fireworks or gunshots. It sounded very close like it was coming from the house of felons.

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