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CHESAPEAKE, Va. – On April, 30, 2016, Katrina B. Thomas, 27, deliberately drove her car into her 26-year-old boyfriend and ended up hitting the Waffle House on the 4800 block of Portsmouth Blvd. around 3 AM.

An employee of the Waffle House reported the incident to police. When policed arrived, the smelled alcohol on Thomas’ breath and noticed that her speech was slurred. She admitted to Chesapeake police that she had been drinking.

Her boyfriend was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, but not life-threatening. Police questioned him about the following Monday, but he refused to to comment about the incident.

Waffle House – Photo By: WAVY.com

A group of people inside a nearby convenience store heard the crash and ran over to assist, according to convenience store employee, Angelica Orlanda. “People were really freaking out. We had a group of people in the store, they ran out to try to help. Some ran out with all the stuff in their hands from the store and they came in afterwards to come pay for it. It was pretty crazy.” 

Thomas is facing several charges, such as first-degree attempted murder, malicious assault, DUI and property damage charges. She is currently in custody at Chesapeake City Jail.

Thomas had other traffic violations before this incident, including driving without insurance in 2011, expired registration and speeding. However, this was her first criminal offense.

There is no information available at this time explaining why she tried to kill her boyfriend.

Thomas’ arraignment will be held in July.

Updated July 30, 2018

Katrina B. Thomas pled guilty to DUI, malicious wounding and intentional building damage. As for the first degree attempted murder charge, the prosecutor did not pursue it, meaning it was nolle prosequi.

Thomas was sentenced to less than two years in the penitentiary for DUI, malicious wounding and intentional building damage.  She has racked up restitution charges totaling well over $20,000.

Her license was suspended for a year.


Woman hits boyfriend, then Waffle House with her car“; Author: Wavy; Published: May 2, 2016
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Chesapeake Circuit Court




Woman Drives Car Into Boyfriend and Waffle House

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